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Im not going to carry a conversation YOU initiate

Jethro Tull
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I saw you yelling the other day
I said I saw you yelling the other day
you can't SEE yelling but whatever
it's the words you use

it's not a criticism
just an observation
wouldn't care either way lol
do other people on here make you mad
then why doyou get mad at thelm
I dont
thats what no means
you were mad the other day
a thousand times yessss
we'll hae to agree to disagree
you call other chatters idiots
what makes you do that
them talking like idiots
do you ever find anyone on here who is nice
I saw you in the photo shoots room
are you a photographer
its a hobby
no one ever talks in there
sure they do
in the last hour
there's been none
ok thats not NEVER
my arms got tired suddenly
I think it's from carrying this conversation

trash like this are exactly WHY I dont share details

Hello sunshine jim here


we're in Matairie


reat to find other Louisians here in Wireclub

not too common but happens

as i do see wife an i are both Bi and somewhat kinky


are u single or married, didn't see on profile

its there, married

sorry i must have missed it


OH i see now
are u somewhat kinky also, sunshine


hope u don't mind chatting with Bi kinky guy

what you do in your personal isn't my concern



boys, girls ages

I don't share details

ok then we should stop
tks for chat apparently

your "kinK" is kids ....gross

a few seconds ago
jimMill has blocked you

Agiw Filhmati Agaphs
Do you think it is wrong for a young woman to kiss intimately?
depends how young and what her and her families value system is y

teen was in only a bra and regular panties for an evening.
A bra and panties and a bikini seem about the same modesty/immodesty.


2 states allow marriage of preteens, but I don't agree with that
that is the law


Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit?

no im an adult my husband can see me in underwear all he likes

Everyone of child bearing age is.


Alcohol and tobacco don't stop beiung drugs when legal to buy.

and a kid doesnt stop being a kid because some pedophile thinks they're sexy

CVhild molesters find those who haven't hit puberty sexy.
95% of men and 90% of women don't
Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit? She was unmarried.
Are you telling me no one found you attractive before wrinkles and you never wear makeup?

random much? what does this have to do with child molesters

Child molsetation used to be the death penalty, but paid=those who haven't hit puberty.
No one found you attractive till your late twenties? That is sad. Nature doesn't regard age as anything,m but a number and no one was drinking. So, being under 21 didn';t relate to a law it should be death penalty Attraction out of marriage should eb the death penalty? Women over 25 wear make up to appear 13-25 to more. child molestation

you're not making any sense, are all over the place in your attempts at conversation, I don't know if that's a pathetic troll attempt or if you're just high or stupid and can't express yourself in a linear way, but im not going to play so have a lovely day, don't molest any pre teens bye

No one said anything abouut it. Rare is the man 4 times m age who is not attracted to young women.

persistence lol



how are you?

good yoruself

fine thanks
doing much?


sounds good

suck my cock after?


lol gotta love a tryer

yeah not really but you cyber losers sure are hilarious

it was a joke
im far too handsome for you

lol keep thinking that

i know it

lol ok

ok old grumpy


enjoy or coffee

I am

(he goes away then....)
do you want sugar im too sweet

just move on to someone who might be interested

god arent ppl moody on here

not being interested has nothing to do with mood

does you could have manners etc
make america great again lol

suck my cock as an opening line doesnt Invite manners idiot

sorry you have a humor bipass

thinking thats funny means its you

no you

whatever idiot

idiot too


oh you lol congrats x

(goes away again then.....)
can you put our covo in your profile because you think your better than everyone

lol I put them there because im not the only one that finds idiots amusing

oh the annoying people

yes I suppose idiots would find normal people annoying

so you find people annoying?


(goes away AGAIN then..... funny thing about this is I keep letting him have the last word, yet he can't let it go)
im sure your lovely really


me too lol

if you say so lol

what you like

people who are smart enough to go away when they made an awful impression

im smart i just dont care what you think mrs ego

all evidence to the contrary, but if you didn't care what I thought you wouldn't have asked or keep coming back

dont belive all you read