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48 Happily married Female from Lafayette       1270


just .... strange

Deja _ Blue

Did you ever leave?


you are here a lot

I just got here and havnt been here since Friday morning, what are you talking about?
stalking much?

but then, I wouldn't see you if I was jto
If I wasn't here too
stalking , me?

weird of you to take notes of who is/isnt online

I have 1/2 dozen acknowledged friends
and I don't take notes
i check in and if they are online, i say hello, but stalker's a bit harsh
I'll just unfriend you,


strange ideas

youre keeping tabs of and commenting on other peoples room use time even when they arent even here, but its ME with strange ideas lol .....okkkk

no, I wont be meeting you

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How r u
good yourself
What u doing
organizing my calendar
Can u squeeze me into it
An appointment to meet me
why would I do that
So I can give you an amazing massage
im good
Not until u get 1 from me
I massage feet and suck toes too
U would love it trust me
But that have to be clean
not interested not meeting you move on



very cute picture of the dog laying on
just saying
what breed you got
dobermabn, German sheps, aussi and a cavalier
you single or bf or married
boy or girl dog
the dobe? male
any kids
can i ask a question about the dog
has he try to hump you just curious
you mad i asked that
I dont get angry over chats, weird question though
can i ask you personal questions
I dont tend to answer personals but you can ask
bust size
I dont discuss sizes
you like big cocks
I like my husband's
i got a 12 inch cock
can i tease you cutie just curious
have a good afternoon

there are other rooms sheesh

Trey_M001 Away
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wow booted for having an opinion
room rules= be polite its on the details on the way in
calling people fake for no reason other than they feel like it does not apply
i wasn't be rude, but people were being rude to me
maybe i did a image search and know she's a fake
did you ask
or did you assume
fake or not is not a room rule, wouldn't matter if she was, polite is
or well you did not ask
didnt need to ask, it doesnt matter, think she's fake block her no need to comment
so you must have ass-umed
i was not being rude to her, my comment has at much meaning as hers did when she first spoke up
want to troll people you think are fake fine, but not in my room
her comment was not rude she simply mentioned friend requests
but nice try
as i said...." did a imagine search " so don't think...i know
she has the wrong age in her profile of the " real " girl in her pictures and the wrong location of where the real one lives
and the " real " one is married with a baby girl
so i am not assuming anything, i know for a fact
whatever save it for the rooms that care
i'm good... not like many people go in your room anyway, just people with gummy bears for spines
and i won't block you like raider did who called me a few racist names and blocked me like the pussy he is
because those who have "troll spines" are blocked from coming
which is fine
troll do know a real troll would have a solid rock hard spine where as people like the person who booted me has one made of jell-o
oh was that you?
well figures
yes it was and actually I personally think trolls are pathetic, look at me and how keyboard "tough" I am...boring
i believe it, you talk like a jelly fish
all good in intent but assume before asking anything so you don't really know shit
there was a group of white people in germany that did that shit back in the 1930's and 40's
I dont care what you think you know
fake is not a room rule, polite is
so take it to a report a fake room or whatever
hey do you know the mayor of Lafayette, michael...damn what is his last name i can never spell it right
what the hell is a fake room...that don't even make sense
mayor of Lafayette's name is not michael
josh guillory
how long has he been mayor .... cause last summer it was michael
not this past spring a few months ago....the one before that hence,,,last spring
2019 election
oh wait you are in the shit state..i'm talking about tennessee ..and he is still mayor
i see whats going on now,
black man spoke up and acted like he knows shit, white people got to put him back in his place hahahahahahaha
awwww the race card, cute
but nope
awe but yeah mrs hitler
clearly your buddy raider is....only called me nigger 5 rimes
bet he is a really good friend of yours too
nope I see him in chat
but he doesnt say much other than hi, very reportable if true
if he was rude like that in the room he'd be booted too
yeah i am sure you would
but it is ok i'll be back in your room today
and now you say no you won't trey....yes i will
thats fine, just dont be rude again and its all good
so i only got the 4 hour ban. maybe by then they might be some pretty women in the room who are really woman
who knows
but most rooms are 80% men, 15% catfish and 5% real women
I wouldn't never be desperate enough to try to meet in a chat , so dont know dont care
well when i talk to a woman i would prefer it being a woman, i'm not gay so hearing a man say he wants to suck my cock is not a turn on for me, like it is for so many of those men who kno catfish exist but don't use google to find out if they are talking to a man or woman
or they arent cyber losers or here to flirt so dont care either

not your dear sweetie and haven't been a baby in a very long time

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hi there
looking fit hun
name isn't hun, thanks
baby lol
what is your name?
haven't been a baby in over 48 yrs
so what do i call you?
kitty cat

silly assumptions

Vchat1 Offline


your husband knowyou're on here?

he knows I chat

okay cool
surprised he's okay with that
i certainly wouldn't be

not sure why he wouldn't be ok with conversations

because conversations lead to flirting hun
we both know taht
let's not kid ourselves
does he not love you enough?

name isn't hun
and not mine
his love and computer conversations have nothing to do with each other

oh we both know they sadly do
he doesn't love you enough
so you find some fulfillment here
but it leaves you empty


laughing, strikes a cord right?
it's okay, i know marriage isn't easy

no laughing because your assumptions are funny

then what's the real reason then ?

background chit chat as I said

never flirted before on here?


i bet if you asked your husband if you could. he'd say yes

im not immature like that, it wouldnt be an interest, so irrelevent what he would say


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are you male


you kicked me out of photo shoots might as well start my own room anyhow doesnt matter you seem fucked up

go for it

you dont wear any lingerie you dress and look like a guy

I wouldn't wear lingerie on a chat site because im not a cyber loser stupid question

just a loser then
yeah usual stupid excuse
you dont suit it you mean never asked to wear it either

that made no sense

makes perfect sense you dont wear becasue it doesnt suit you, or no one has ever bought you anything or asked you to wear anything
hubby has no input with wjhat you wear so thats why over all you look like some kid on summer school yet you are a 48 year old woman
unsexy unappealing

will since its not over, again you're not making sense
not here to appeal to you or anyone else on a chat site, do really dont care what you find sexy
go ahead and give your input if it makes you feel better but you aren't going to hurt my feelings so up to you if you have that much time to waste

yeah right one of those women not looking for attention yet you are in a chat room site with nice twee photos looking for a response

on a chat site to chat

not hear to hurt anyones feelings just speaking the truth unsexy
stupid little ears and so on like mickey mouse grow the fuck up


I know ive talked to this dud before, will have to look that up

Im not going to carry a conversation YOU initiate

Jethro Tull
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I saw you yelling the other day
I said I saw you yelling the other day
you can't SEE yelling but whatever
it's the words you use

it's not a criticism
just an observation
wouldn't care either way lol
do other people on here make you mad
then why doyou get mad at thelm
I dont
thats what no means
you were mad the other day
a thousand times yessss
we'll hae to agree to disagree
you call other chatters idiots
what makes you do that
them talking like idiots
do you ever find anyone on here who is nice
I saw you in the photo shoots room
are you a photographer
its a hobby
no one ever talks in there
sure they do
in the last hour
there's been none
ok thats not NEVER
my arms got tired suddenly
I think it's from carrying this conversation

trash like this are exactly WHY I dont share details

Hello sunshine jim here


we're in Matairie


reat to find other Louisians here in Wireclub

not too common but happens

as i do see wife an i are both Bi and somewhat kinky


are u single or married, didn't see on profile

its there, married

sorry i must have missed it


OH i see now
are u somewhat kinky also, sunshine


hope u don't mind chatting with Bi kinky guy

what you do in your personal isn't my concern



boys, girls ages

I don't share details

ok then we should stop
tks for chat apparently

your "kinK" is kids ....gross

a few seconds ago
jimMill has blocked you

Agiw Filhmati Agaphs
Do you think it is wrong for a young woman to kiss intimately?
depends how young and what her and her families value system is y

teen was in only a bra and regular panties for an evening.
A bra and panties and a bikini seem about the same modesty/immodesty.


2 states allow marriage of preteens, but I don't agree with that
that is the law


Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit?

no im an adult my husband can see me in underwear all he likes

Everyone of child bearing age is.


Alcohol and tobacco don't stop beiung drugs when legal to buy.

and a kid doesnt stop being a kid because some pedophile thinks they're sexy

CVhild molesters find those who haven't hit puberty sexy.
95% of men and 90% of women don't
Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit? She was unmarried.
Are you telling me no one found you attractive before wrinkles and you never wear makeup?

random much? what does this have to do with child molesters

Child molsetation used to be the death penalty, but paid=those who haven't hit puberty.
No one found you attractive till your late twenties? That is sad. Nature doesn't regard age as anything,m but a number and no one was drinking. So, being under 21 didn';t relate to a law it should be death penalty Attraction out of marriage should eb the death penalty? Women over 25 wear make up to appear 13-25 to more. child molestation

you're not making any sense, are all over the place in your attempts at conversation, I don't know if that's a pathetic troll attempt or if you're just high or stupid and can't express yourself in a linear way, but im not going to play so have a lovely day, don't molest any pre teens bye

No one said anything abouut it. Rare is the man 4 times m age who is not attracted to young women.

stupid much?

wessw07 Away
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how r u
good yoruself
im ok
what s up
having coffee
u just woke up
about an hour ago
so u had ur shower then lol
did t u shower shave ur armpits and ur legs lol
my hygiene schedule isn't your biz
i d bite ur brown nipples lol
but ur right

what was that for
your retarded statement
i d suck em hard then
if u don t have corona lol
you wouldn't t be anywhere near me so move on
sure Cinderella
r u married
alright then
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