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This is Part Four (of five) of my big expose about a team of scammers from the West African country of Ghana that are operating here in Wireclub. This project has five parts. Part Four is being posted now because of the way that the Wireclub Pictures page works. When all parts are posted as Albums, my Pictures page will list them in this way:

Part One: All About “Josies” (not yet posted)
Part Two: Way Too Many Josies (not yet posted)
Part Three: The Many Stolen Faces Of Josie Herself (not yet posted)
Part Four: Miscellaneous Junk From Josies (that’s this part)
Part Five: One Dozen Short Stupid Chats With Josies (already posted)

This Album contains some miscellaneous “junk,” including messages sent to my Inbox, a pair of rare male Josies, blatant scams, and an encounter that defies description.
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