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Making Movies

Well, this weekend, we finished filming on a Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Luke Wilson and Treat Williams film called "Twelve Mighty Orphans" (based on the book). Wrap day on a film is a little surreal. I don't usually get to do them because normally it's a weekday. My real work came two weeks ago when I played a dirty, homeless Dust Bowl farmer during the Depression. No lines, but my little scene didn't need lines - it was based on a chance meeting between my character and Luke Wilson. Go see it to see how long it turned out and then count the seconds you see me on screen! It should be released in about a year. The whole point of this blog is to tell you that sometimes I post selfies of me in costume, but due to a fall, I have a busted lip and so there were no selfies. Makeup covered it with some sort of concealer stuff, but by the time I would have had time to take a selfie, the concealer would be gone. So no more new pics until the next time I work and it will have to be a couple of weeks from now. Please go see "12 Mighty Orphans" when it comes out or read the book by Jim Dent. Really good people were behind and in front of the cameras. So now I just wait for my lip to heal and my paychecks to show up in the mail.

Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't

Caring about everything is too taxing on one's emotional energy. Right now, whatever it is, I don't give a damn. Please join with me in your own however-brief episode of not giving a damn. You'll enjoy it.