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A lesbian in her 30's, Sally is generally friendly, but has no time for shananigans. She's confident, controlled, a bit possessive, and typically up for a good time or a good experience.

Sally likes the girly girls of the world, the ones who love to smile, weare hot/adorable outfits and are looking for that slightly butch, but not too butch partner to share their lives with.

She's a believer that those who live in glass house shouldn't throw stones, and her house is abso-freakin-lutely made out of 1000% glass. So yeah, any place she happens to be is a judgement free zone.

She is a dog person, Has 3 at the moment of this writing, though that number is liable to go up at any moment. She'd like to have a family one day, and hopes the day when her prosthesis can accomplish that job comes sooner rather than later.

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