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slh65111: Hello. I Like your profile. I live in Hamilton, single, separated, Professional (PhD), live near Locke Street south and Charlton Ave West, East Indian, Christian. Love to meet you as a friend. If interested, Please reply to slh65111 at gmail dot com.Hubert.
slh65111 at gmail dot com. Hubert
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Jack Leo
Jack Leo: This comment has been deleted
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ROGERLUV: I will met u as a stranger.
hope u will be my friend.
I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.
♥ I
♥ may
♥ not
♥ be
♥ the
♥ most
♥ important
♥ person
♥ in
♥ your
♥ life
♥ I
♥ just
♥ hope
♥ that
♥ when
♥ you
♥ hear
♥ my
♥ name
♥ you
♥ smile
♥ and
♥ say
That's my friend
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