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smokeorama: Farewell Karl Wallinger.

His passing has barely been noted. Not in the news where I'm from anyway, and I doubt it'll be any different in America. Robbie W probably noticed. He did pretty well out of "She's the One". I guess that's what Karl would be best known for in the US.

Highly respected by his peers. Wallinger went to the same school as Peter Gabriel interestingly enough. And he appears on Gabriel's "Big Blue Ball" project of 2008. Along with Sinead O'Conner, who's career Karl played a big part in launching with his help on her debut album.

For me his genius was first noticed on the "A Pagan Place" album by The Waterboys. He played on the next album too, "This is the Sea". His track "Don't Bang the Drum" is a standout.

But maybe the song that defines him was mostly passed over in the States. A pity that, but worth being reminded of with an election coming up. I'll admit I'm pretty much with Karl on this one ......

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