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Skylar sky: You're completely asked me in the car how do i feel : the truth hurts I told you something is there but something isn't the feeling you give me my heart beats for you as the same time as it beats it breaks feels like I'm lost at sea I'm drowning and nobody could hear me you were my happiness you're the part that stop my insides going you got me feeling all these different types of motions you brought the inside me that didn't knew for long time I felt so much pressure so much pain I felt part of me break it my four walls caving in feels like it was suffocating me but no you didn't want to save me. You didn't wanted to knowledge me knowing that you're breaking me you didn't want me to know you're shy turn my world into a million pieces you didn't want me fix me you didn't you just let me fall I ask God every night 🙏 every night hopefully you are the one for me but no your ignorance no you're very manipulating abusive I'd really love u I still love you all the pain you put me through I still picked you you you told me everything was my fault you told me everything was my fault you said let's get past this and I did and you still want to hurt me even more I couldn't take it no more I lock my emotions away and all I want to do is get out I even ran away typically take no more pain I had stay the night at my aunt house got in a huge argument with my whole family and they didn't want me until my aunt. Talk sense. Into them you want to know pain that pain. So. Every song that comes on you're always in my mind and I feel like my inner parts eating me alive. So much pressure depression anxiety ripping my insides apart
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