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I'm only interested in like minded females, so please, if your a male " just move on along now".
I'm quiet at first meeting until I feel comfy around you and thats when I break out into my happy dance.
I am pretty straightforward, (sometimes too much), I dont pretend, play games, or tell lies.
I AM (unfortunately) going through some things in my life at the present moment and could use some support if you could withstand the drama. This is not a place I intend to dwell at much longer. Otherwise I'm mostly a positive person when negative people arent draining the life out of me.
Some find me weird because I conversate mostly about life, God, or the Universe. And honestly can't stand sitting around gossiping about people or egotistical judgemental bullshit.
Guess this would be a fine time to say that I am also in the dip of Spirituality. Religion is not a problem for me unless its being played on some ignorant hate card in your hand.
I'm a tomboy, love the outdoors but never get out there enough lately.
Oh and btw I am extremely fickle and think way too much.

SkyCladCaT: Honestly People, I am not here to cheat on my husband. I am not looking to find love with any man. Will not even respond to men. Im looking for a friend. Female friend. Who I can trust. Who is like minded. If thats even possible. But credit to the men who do not harass me but respect that I will not reply. Not meaning to seem conceded. But things in the ole chat rooms have not changed since 7 yrs ago as I see.
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