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My entire life I’ve always felt different. Born a boy, I never felt like myself. Always felt like it was Halloween. I should have been born a girl! I am a Bigender person. Sometimes I feel like a boy. But most of the time I feel like a girl. I wouldn’t call myself a “sissy boy”. When I’m a guy you would never know that I’m wearing a pair of thigh Hugh stockings, cute panties and s sexy bra under all my male attire every day. I truly feel like a girl trapped within a mans body. I have never taken any hormones or had surgery. My body is my body. When I’m a girl, OMFG I feel amazing. I can go shopping, our for dinner, or shake my ass on the dance floor in a pair of 5” heels and short skirt and you would never know. If I could have surgery and become a complete women I totally would. But my situation doesn’t allow it.....hard to explain. I am attracted to girls mostly, but I am curious about boys too. I am just me, all my pictures are 100% me. If you don’t know the difference between a cross dresser and a Bigender/genderfluid person please do your research before insulting me. Xoxox


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