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So many people on here just about puts anything at all about themselves and then, they are not that at all.. Here it is about me, if you like it, great, if not, I'm sorry, if you just move on, well, you are missing out, not me.
I am an older man, I am married, I am very, very unhappy, it is a sexless relationship, I have ED due to old injuries from Vietnam. I am very open, very honest, friendly and love talking with my friends.
I am looking for a lady, age means nothing, that also enjoys chatting and having a good time. I want to share experiences, stories, pictures and what ever. I do enjoy playful chat and also a bit of naughty chat as well. I do not wish to meet at this time, will have to see how things go.
If you still want to chat with me, come say Hi, I'm ready to talk to you....

Rhonda1990: Hey sexy, I loved our chat. you're a man's man and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You sure got my attention!
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: So many people on this site are just plain fakes, scammers and simply liers, I am only after the truth about you are you. I don't care if you are a model or rich or poor, that means little to me, who are you? Deep down inside, who are you? It is hard to answer that with just a quick answer, that why I chat, to meet you, the real you, not the one you are putting out there to impress others.. Don't need to be fake with me at all, so let's chat....
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Well, I have talked with many of you, some no longer care to talk with me, I guess I can get that, I am all that you would like, I know. I just want a nice lady friend that will actually ta;lk with me, cut up and have a fun time. Sex talk is ok but not the main things to me at all, a friend that I can be open with and share my all with, that is all I really care for....
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: The Cave at Highland

The snow falls upon the frozen land,
Covers the ground and the cold, cold sand.
The wind whistles through the trees,
Removing the last of the dead leaves.
A breeze blows out of the north so cold,
To venture forth one would be so bold.
A lone rider, high upon a massive steed,
Eases forward to fulfill his need.
Ancient armor adorns his soul,
As he ventures forth for his goal.
The days have past, he knows not when,
The ice hangs from the hair on his chin.
The cold digs deep into his heart,
Now he remembers not his start.
This frozen land so far away,
He and his horse begin to sway.
The howling wind continues to blow,
In the snow, their pace begins to slow.
Limbs upon the trees hang to the ground,
The beating in the heart begins to pound.
The caves of Highland is what he seeks,
Time has past, it must have been weeks.
Deep in the caves of Highland, a dragon sleeps,
An ancient secret is what this dragon keeps.
This rider, still a boy, comes to speak for another,
His father died leaving him and his mother.
A brave knight that had served the land,
To all in need he would lend a hand.
The call came upon him to fight the fight,
He went forth into the night.
Upon the hillside did his pray be found,
But after a long hard battle he turned around.
When it was learned that the dragon still lived,
The knight had to give all he could give.
The mercy in the heart of the knight,
Caused him to die in an unending fight.
Tortured and wiped he bleed to death,
Now the boy climbed high, out of breath.
The horse stumbled and fell on the trail,
No way to get up, no way to tell.
The boy pulled his sword, mercy to give,
He plunged it deep, the horse would not live.
On foot now he continued the climb,
He hopes to find it before the end of time.
The frozen ground made it hard to step,
He fell more than once and wept.
The dragon knew the mercy of his father,
Maybe he would help end the slaughter.
Dragons live forever, so he was told,
Unless taken down by the very bold.
The caves at Highland now so close at hand,
His heart beats hard as the drums of a band.
The brave heart of this boy, yet a man,
Cannot take this cold as in his plan.
The cave at Highland, he will never see,
The cave at Highland he will never flee.
The wind blows cold high upon the mountaintop,
The snow covers a body that had to stop.
Highland is no place for man nor beast,
But a place for the dragons feast.
The snow covers the ground and mountainside,
The wind blows hard, no place to hide.
The caves at Highland will never be found,
As the snow continues to cover the ground.

By: Bobby R Gardner
January 1, 2001
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: The Gift of the Knight

The rocks, damp and musty, dark and cold,
Have shackles and chains for a man to hold.
A man, arms outstretched, up against the wall,
Covered in cuts, to the floor does his blood fall.
He roams the world between life and death,
Soon, very soon now he could take his last breath.
What did this man do ? What was his crime?
We must look back, back through the passages of time
To see what this man so wrongly did,
A crime of passion they try to keep hid.
He once was a Knight , bold and strong,
Now he is about to die for what he did wrong.
He once was a Knight who sat on a horse,
A brave Knight of honor of course.
He rode out of the castle early one day,
The dragon of the hill he would slay.
A sword, bright and sharp, he did carry,
The sun rose high, no time to tarry.
Up the hill, in a charge he did ride,
To find the dragon, who in rocks would hide.
Through many hours the Knight did search,
Till tired, he sat , under a tree of birch.
He sat, closed his eyes for to rest,
So far in the day he had done his best.
As he sat, lightly he did sleep,
Finding the dragon, he knew would keep.
As he slept, the dragon did find
That the Knight could be taken from behind.
The dragon breathed deeply to generate a fireball,
A burning death on the Knight would fall.
The whistling breath that the dragon did take,
Caused the Knight from sleep to wake.
The fireball, spit forth toward the tree,
The Knight rolled quickly to his right, up on a knee.
The Knight, now with sword in hand,
Toward the dragon to place his brand.
The dragon once again took breath,
To the Knight he would bring death.
As the dragon spit, the Knight went to his right,
The sword, bright and sharp, he swung with his might.
The cut was deep in the dragon's wing,
Death to the dragon he would bring.
But the dragon thought he was not ready to die,
With his great legs he leaped toward the sky.
The wounded wing just would not work,
To the ground he crashed with a jerk.
A powerful leg, outstretched, did break,
Another step the dragon the Knight did take.
But as he looked into the eyes of the great beast,
He knew in his heart he could not partake of the feast.
The dragon could harm the castle no more,
But the Knight knew he must finish his chore.
Now the Knight, chained in the dungeon cell,
His great story he could not tell.
Now the dragon flies high in the sky,
He does not know the Knight is about to die.
Through the ages the dragon would live,
His life to him the Knight did give.
BY: Bobby R. Gardner
November 15,1996
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: The Willow Tree

Dark, thunderous clouds fill the sky,
The bright sun is hidden by and by.
The thunder rolls across the plains,
The clouds burst forth with their rains.
With the seeds laying beneath the earth,
The rains soon help to give birth.
The ground burst open to reveal the tree,
A life that could represent you or me.
With the soft, green grass for a pillow,
Up sprouts the life of a new willow.
With time the young willow will grow,
A home for birds, maybe even a crow.
Life can be such a pleasing thing,
With life, a new life can bring.
We look at this willow tree,
And wonder what it could really be.
I see this tree as I do my mother,
She gave life to me and my brother.
As I grew up I could seldom see,
What my mother really was to me.
When I was sick, she was always there,
To me she always gave loving care.
There were times I didn't like her much,
When she wouldn't let me do things and such.
There were times that I loved her so,
But eventually, thru time, she let me go.
Now I see a woman, strong and bold,
The life giver to me, or so I'm told.
Advice she gives me, free and clear,
To me she'll always be Mama dear.
My words do not do her justice at all,
But I know that if I should fall,
She would always be there for me,
Just as the leaves on that willow tree.
The time will come, I know it will,
When she'll lay down and be very still.
Then I will go and plant in the ground,
A willow tree with rocks all around.
My brothers and I will watch it grow,
And in it we will see Mama's love glow.
A life to life is what I say,
My mother's love is with me to stay.

By: Bobby
December 25, 1996
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: I AM WOLF

My eyes are dark, cold and black,
Speed and courage I do not lack.
I'm covered with fur from head to toe,
When alone at night I fear no foe.
I have long, white, sharp teeth,
Some people say I am a thief.
I sleep by day and hunt by night,
Sometimes, in the dark, you can hear me fight.
If you see me in the heat of the day,
My fur appears to be a dark gray.
Late at night when all is still,
My fur keeps me warm from the chill.
Some have worshiped me as a treasure,
Some have used my fur for their pleasure.
I some times run with my pack,
Sometimes I run alone down the same track.
Leave me alone and you'll have nothing to fear,
But if you cross my path you may shed a tear.
I roam the lands where many have stood,
But few men can say that I'm understood.
I am long and sleek and very fast,
I am WOLF, you know my name at last.

By: Bobby
August 25, 1996
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Merry Christmas to one and all, lots of hugs and kisses from me to you
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: It's getting harder and harder to figure out just who is real or who is a fake. I am just looking for a very real lady that will chat with me long term
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: I have chatted with a great number of people here, some good, some bad. I have even been deleted by some and I still do not know why.. There are just way too many fakes and scammers here now and it is very hard to find a nice lady friend.. Maybe my wants and expectations are too far out there, I don't know. I have tried to be nice, I have tried to be naughty, still I can't find her. I have been told many times that I have found that lady jut to have then leave without warning in just a day or two.. I have talked with young and old alike in here, some of the young ladies I have talked with seem to be much more mature than there years. Unless I find a change I must leave within th next week or so, I only seek a friend, a nice lady to chat with, get to know, become friends.. her age is not important, we shall see what happens from here.. God Bless all of you even if I don't here from you .. My e-mail is if you eve want to see how I am doing, swing by anytime...
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: I do not really understand why, but there are people, I am talking ladies now, that will get in every room they can, most have no pictures, no info what so ever and then if you try to say Hi, they ignore you. And too many will say his then you never hear from them again??? Hey folks, what is up with all this.. this is a chat site, talk for goodness sake.....
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Any of you know a lady that might like being my online gf for fun and games๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€?
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Good morning All, I hope everyone is doing well, drop by and have a cup of coffee with me sometimes, no telling what trouble we might get in....
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Looking for a lady that would like to be my friend, a real friend too but on line only. Chat with me, get to know each other, share, tease one another, flirt with one another. If it goes more then so be it, but to have a real chat friend on line is what I seek..
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: I have met and befriended a lot of wonderful ladies on this site and I want all to know I love you all so very much. In order for me to cut back to that one special lady it becomes important to cut and narrow my friends. I like to chat and spend time with you but if you can't that I understand. I hope you find the things you want and need. Let me tell you all, you are all welcome to stop by and chat a while, please don't hesitate to come stay a while. I love you all so very much....
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: I think I have some really great friends here and I love each and everyone but for me to reach the goal I have set, I must cut a few here and there. I want you all to come spend a little more time with me as i do care very much for you. Meet me with chat or even send me a message, let me hear from you all..
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Sgt Bob70
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Sgt Bob70
Sgt Bob70: Loving my friends and enjoy getting to know them, who will the winner be ??
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Sgt Bob70
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morrys4all: Man's best friend.. almost
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