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Does anyone really read these? My years of AOL experience was as time went on no one paid any attention to profile dialog, and I had a great one. So you know, I am a mature guy, fortunate to have experienced much in my life, and not done yet. If you would like to know anything, just ask - I am not shy and easy to talk to. I do love the female form ... a lot.
Conversation Starter: There is a fundamental difference between a "Friend With Benefits" vs a "F*** Buddy".
For almost any female I might see, know this
- with her back to me or walking away, I have looked for bra lines, for panty lines (thank you for thongs, and going commando), at the shape of her ass and how her ass moves as she walks, her legs from the floor up and if there is thigh-gap or crotch-gap
- standing online in front of me, I have looked at her neck (I like to kiss there), shoulders, back and ass ... I am thinking of sliding my hand up the back-inside of your thights and my fingers under your shorts/panties
- from any front angle I am looking at her tits, at the shape of her tits and how her tits move/bounce/sway/jiggle, always looking for nipples (erect or not), and I look at her crotch, and if there is 'Camel Toe',pubic mound, crotch or thigh gap
- if she is at the gym I will look for her sweat (a good thing, a sexual thing)
- no matter where I see her, if I get to look into her eyes I will most likely notice the color and where her eyes look and what she might notice, I will notice if she has nail polish on her toes, I will look at her hands and the shape of her fingers, I will look at her wrists and arms, I will notice her hair (but less important to me than it might be her)
- and Yes, like any other guy I will notice her cleavage, look down her blouse and/or up her skirt if I have the chance.
Just saying some of what is in my head - I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

unfaithfulmilf: Great profile! So sexy you filled it out! Feel free to look at me from ANY angle
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