I believe that I am a sophisticated yet down to earth man,

very emotional, educated, logical, spiritual, romantic, that

cares about the essence of things, not the surface, and with

a strong sense of aesthetics. I love beauty in all its

aspects. But the beauty of the body does not hold for long if

it is not substantiated by a beautiful mind, an illuminated

soul and their expressions. I highly value the practice of

love, passion, compassion, integrity and respect. They are

above any other talent and need to be mutually nurtured in a

relationship. I am an artist, my work sells in several major

markets, I have recently closed my studio in North Carolina

where I also directed an artist community and creative

learning center. I’m now working out of a home studio in

Lyman, SC. I like spending cold months in Florida and warm

weather here. I am financially secure and free to travel

where and when I want. I love art in its highest expressions.

A good conversation, movie, show, a well-written poem, book

or anything created with depth and height, can elate me. I

think that communication dissolves misunderstandings; that

laughing is the best medicine, and loyalty is the best you

can offer to a friend.

mia88na: http://xxx-models.su/mia
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