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Just looking for a voice in the late night darkness to converse with. It has been ages since I have tried to have a good, odd conversation. If you are interesting, go ahead and apply.

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RoughNight: I just returned from a month abroad. Being away was probably the best cure for insomnia I have had in years. It is hard to say why Italy and Prague make me sleep like a baby, while the place that is supposed to be home makes me stare at the ceiling all night.

In fairness, the overhangs and bowers were much more awe (awn? awning...) inspiring and worthy of contemplation in both Italy and the Czech Republic. I suspect I did those countries a disservice by passing somnolent nights in them without cogitating further upon their bedazzled canopies. If you don't believe me, visit the Sistine Chapel or even the hallway leading up to it. Then go home and try to find something more interesting than a nail popping through in your own rafters while you stare into the shadows waxing them. Perhaps those countries found a way to roofie me.

I paid for the trip in memories, the souls of lost shoes, and too many tales that I have only the wrong ears to relate to. Some stories we share with friends, others with family, others we reserve for the strangers we find who are willing to listen, and still others we keep locked away for ourselves alone. But what do we do with the yarns we weave that are tailored too uniquely to fit anyone but someone with a devastatingly idiomatic noggin?

I have no answers tonight. Just an awful lot of carefully crafted beanies with someone else's name on them. Don't blame me if they make you look like an elf. It took the singular motley of your dome, to make them fit for you alone in the first place.
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