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new house...apparently

So i guess i found a place to live cheap ass rent only 100$ so i cant complain and with my current income that is really decent of kyle and his dad to do but also makes sense. i do not have a room of my own and this place is tiny! everything is pretty much one room and the appartment is like smaller than a decent two car garage . I sleep with kyle in his room witch is alright although i know he likes me -witch i do not like him- but yet he has not tryed anything so all is good for the meantime woot woot !!!
hahah so the last few nights have been interesting we have been using some pretty interesting smokeing devices such as a windmill, it has 4 spokes coming out of a base tube that you smoke out of. in these spokes you put a J so pretty much at one time you are smoking like four joints or more depending on how many spokes you decided to make and out in it! ha its good times as well we have our usual the bong, the bubbler the pipe, as well as my Baby my precious little one person huka that i call my little green monster. Let me tell you that Hurricane Sheesha is the best to smoke out of a huka with sheesha in it with weed! also double/tripple papper J's and cross joints are tight if they are made right that is. We also had the good times of taping two boxes together and making it look pretty epic by puting looking glass in it and then putting the box over us and hot boxing our box becaused we could it was pretty good times getting high in a box actualy lol
Oh i guess im in summer school right now it runs 8-12 im taking social studdies totaly the most boringest lamest subject ever to take ! but i need it to graduate early like i plan too so might as well deal with it the easiest way i can eh ? ... Thats right im canadian baha

house maybe?

sooo i may now have a new place to stay Elisha said that her friend amy's mom, who works at a crisis center, might be able to take me in. This is only due to elisha living there once before and then amys mom told her that if she ever needed anything to just let her know , so perfect timing i hope we go talk to her tomorrow that is if we have time though. Summer school is not going so well my attendance is not so good, my marks matching that i just need to pass that is all, lets hope i can get this on track.
Sitting here now at Cathys chilling with elisha and aric going to roll a J and have a cig watching some random paranormal show on tv its kinda messed up a bit and really unbelievable baha So not going to end up going to school tomorrow either... thats only going once this week were i did shit all so my marks are only going to show the exact effort i put in... Ouch.
RIP Dave Plazek you are in my thoughts always , miss you ! you are a father to a lot of people a goood man , you had your days but you ran your race.


Last night with Kyle went pretty well, he longboarded to my place we chilled listened to music and watched some really f%yx$% up paranormal shit cought on tape... haha it was good times actually. Smoked up and got pretty out their quite fast wich suprised me and only another reason to believe that what he had was laced would be it crackled loudly as we lit it.. doesnt usualy happen as well as i feel like i got no sleep what-so-ever and im half passing out in my summer school classes.
i kinda really miss dave at the moment staying in his house without him knowing he wont ever come back is really akward and ruff times. I feel bad for his daughter sure it was horrible for me to hear but i couldnt imagen how i would feel if someone called and told me my own father had passed away... like ouch! Right now i am just remembering some of daves f&w*%x up times the damn 54 year old who loved racing and chicks most in his life. Ha kinda miss his stupidly sexual talk with me were my only reply to it was fucken dave... just fucken dave. LOL RIP we love you, a father to us all man.
As well still gota be on a lookout for a place to live... as of right now i have tell the end of july i do believe but i want to try for earlier but i have no fucken clue at all im only 17 which means i cannot sign for my own appartmennt wish i knew more people out here or at least a way to get around the system of things for a while. im just trying to escape all the thinking i should be doing in fear of just breaking down.
I beleive for now im just going to take things one at a time, day by day and deal with whats thrown at me when i get it thrown at me... for now we will see how things goo


Lot of shit happening lately... dave died may he rest in peace watching over us all he was like a dad to me.he was my roommate elisha's dad she is one of my best friends. Times are tough but going just one more bumb in the road to get over really... Kyle is coming over probably pulling an all nighter smoking the green and listening to some music sounds like a plan too me who knows what else we will find to do that is how life goes ha just take one thing at a time i say and take it as its given, why not?
glad this is back ha i was lostish without it i really like this blog thing it kinda makes me feel a bit better writting shit down maybe then i will remember the shit ive done and will say you never know here is to a night that will never end , let the darkness souround me and enfold me in its wings


ughh... missed school today because i slept for forever, im pretty sure me and my bed had an affair and the world had to just wait lol . That was some good sleep and honestly i did not want to even get up yet but i have to work in a bit! Took one of my friends caffeen pills that should boost my awareness a bit maybe.Im scratching all over because of damn mosquitoes too but i will have to deal because when its nice out,im out.
Have to catch the bus to work in a few minutes then come home later and stay up trying to get all my homework from missing summerschool done which i hate because it is social studies and i soo cant focus on that shit for too long. lets hope today either gets better at work or does not seem so long !!

what scares you apparentyl..?

bahaah so what scares me well a whole shit ton of things first off just afraid of being alone for the rest of my life. Kinda like you dont find that person for you and you just fall out of system with the world! do you know how much that would suck. im also scared of spiders not all the time just when they creep up on you i do not prefer many eyed sneaky stalkers thanks. well just kinda started with this whole site thing lets hope it stays going good. i like it so far hope people like to talk cuz i surrrre love too


So it still seems like things are not working out.... trying to finish school with a job full classes and living on my own is kinda tuff. Relationships are not going very well... just looking to get to know someone for a bit not just s%w but thats all anyone really wants ugh! im not a virgin or anything but f%*w off really aha cant you just cuddle and love me the right way firrst?