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Re-wiring new Wireclub, Take #3

The new server parts are in and we will be disabling log in to old Wire in a few hours. Thank you so much for standing by our side during this turbulence. Tomorrow morning we will start a new chapter in the history of our community and I couldn't be more excited to see what the future will bring

Quick Post - Catastrophic Server Failure, Lemonade

Dear All,

Sadly it has happened again, we suffered a major storage failure on the servers that run the new Wireclub. This time we were able to identify the issue and we are hard a work to fix everything.

Quick explanation: Our new servers use OCZ Vertex 2 solid state drives. We have identified a problem on the firmware of those drives that can lead to intermittent, catastrophic failures like the ones we have experienced today and a few weeks earlier. We have already ordered replacement drives and we will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness. Today has been very hard on us, we have been awake for almost 48 hours now. I am however glad the the issue has been identified. When life give you lemons, you order expensive Intel SSD replacement drives.

You make it all worth it, thanks again


We will be offline this Sunday and probably Monday

Dear Wireclub Users,

Early next Sunday (August 14th) Wireclub will go offline for maintenance. We expect to be back online in 24-48 hours.

When we come back, you will notice that we will be running a very different version of Wireclub. We are very excited about it because it is going to be the best Wireclub release yet.

A lot of new features were added and some unused features were removed because not enough people where using it. Please understand that no decision is final yet and we will be paying attention to your feedback.

Ultimately, we built this site for you and we need your help shaping the future of Wireclub

UPDATE: Yes, we have already implemented a lot of your suggestions, just too many too list here - we are listening!

UPDATE: No information will be lost, all your friends, clubs, everything will be moved to the new Wire.

UPDATE: We fixed the nickname issue, all current nicknames will be moved over the new Wire.

Old Wire / New Wire

I would like to thank you all for your patience for the past 48 hours. As most of you already know, we tried to release a major new version of Wireclub. As it turns out, things didn't run nearly as smoothly as planned. The disk controller on our new server was defective and that caused the new Wire to first slow down to a crawl and then caused it crash completely.

Old Wireclub is back online and we will keep you posted while figure out everything that went wrong. I know most of you have a lot of friends here and that it isn't fun to find yourself unable to get in touch with the people you care about - I am so sorry for what happened. We will be much more careful next time.

Thanks for being the best users a site could have!

Wireclub FAQ (by Sebby)

Thanks Sebbyyy for compiling this incredible FAQ

Q) How much does it cost to be a member of Wireclub?
A) Wireclub is 100% free, you'll never be asked to pay for anything unless you wish to buy Wirebucks.

Q) What are "Wirebucks"?
A) Wirebucks are points that allow you to use super powers in the chat rooms.

Q) Do I have to sign up to join Wireclub?
A) Yes, however it only takes a minute and doesn't require email activation.

Q) I tried to sign up but it says I can't because I already have an account here.
A) Someone may already have an account on your network, Contact Tech Support if needed.

Q) I want to change my user name, how can I?
A) You may change your name only once after you have been a member for a minimum of 7 days.

Q) I can't creep vote or kick vote anyone.
A) You can only cast reputation votes after you have been a member for a minimum of 14 days.

Q) What's "reputation level" and how does that work in Wireclub?
A) Reputation level is a points system based on how much time you spend on Wireclub.

Q) I can only see the "International Room" in the chat room listing, are there more rooms?
A) Yes there are but due to Internet Service Provider connection limitations to some regions of Asia & India, access to other rooms is not possible.

Q) I can only see the Exile room & Upper Echelon room, how can I fix that?
A) No worries, it just means you were temporarily suspended from the chatrooms for 24 hours for breaking a rule. It's not permanent.

Q) I didn't know I wasn't allowed to do something before I did it and got suspended like posting emails, or URL's other than Wireclub / Wikipedia / Youtube.
A) The rules are posted here: http://www.wireclub.com/Other/Terms.aspx - and here - http://www.wireclub.com/Forums/ViewTopic.aspx?ForumId=1&ParentId=876917

Q) When I am in chat, it freezes. - or - I can see myself type, but nobody else.
A) The connection sometimes will take a few seconds to establish itself. Also, try to refresh the screen or clear your private data & cache.

Q) I can see everyone else type, but I can't see my own typing.
A) It's usually due to one of the following: you were muted / super muted by a moderator or you may have accidentally blocked yourself.

Q) I keep getting unwanted private messages in the chats, any way to stop that?
A) Yes, click on "options" just below the text bar in the chatrooms and set your PM options.

Q) I keep getting unwanted mail, how can I block those?
A) Go to "Account Settings" and "Messaging options", you can set your preferences from there.

Q) I keep getting unwanted friend requests from the same user.
A) Go to the user's profile and click "Block User". Don't worry, we won't tell.

Q) I cannot comment on my friend's blogs or their profiles.
A) Google Chrome and Internet Explorer usually have this issue. Switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari will fix it in most cases.

Q) I want to upload a picture but I can't find it.
A) Click on "My Profile" on the navigation bar and select "My Pictures". There is also a link on the right side of the homepage labeled "Add Pictures".

Q) I want to change my default picture, how can I do that?
A) Go to your photo gallery and upload an image under "Display Picture".

Q) Can I change my picture without deleting the old one?
A) Sorry, unfortunately the old one has to be deleted and the new image uploaded in its place.

Q) I cannot create news posts in clubs.
A) The club news feature is temporarily disabled, sorry for the inconvenience.

Q) I edited my club description but it won't show the new changes.
A) Club descriptions can't be edited until 1 to 2 days after being created.

Q) How can I remove other people's forum posts in clubs I create?
A) Unfortunately there is no way to delete posts other users have created.

Q) I want to make my club private, is that possible?
A) Yes. When creating the club, set the membership to "closed". Members will need to be approved.

Q) How can I contact Wireclub?
A) You can contact us here: http://www.wireclub.com/Other/contactus.aspx

Q) How can I reach a moderator when needed?
A) You can find available moderators here: http://www.wireclub.com/Clubs/Wireclub+Moderators

Q) How can I reach Tech Support?
A) You can post your questions here: http://www.wireclub.com/Forums/ViewForum.aspx?ForumId=3

Q) How long does it normally take to be addressed?
A) Most issues are addressed and resolved within 24-48 hours.

Help Getaround win the 4th Annual Mashable Awards

Dear Wireclub friends,

Getaround is a start-up working on a fantastic new concept for car sharing and it was founded by good friends of mine. They are finalists on the 2010 Mashable Awards and they could really use your vote! They are currently in second place and it would mean the world to me if any of you would take the time to vote for them

Here is the link to vote:

Also, I will be writing a new blog post soon to share some exciting news. Both Braden and I am now working full time on Wireclub. We have a new office and have a bold new plan to implement many things you all have requested for months and much more - stay tuned!

Thanks KC!

This is a shout-out to KC for helping us find and address vulnerabilities around Wireclub. Thanks KC!

Suggestion Day

Dear Incredible Wireclub users,


We would like to hear your suggestions to make Wireclub even better. The best 3 suggestions will implemented (eventually), will be awarded 5000 Wirebucks and the user who made the suggestion will be considered a Wireclub BFF-FOREVER!

To separate suggestions from comments, to count as an suggestion for the sake of this contest, your comment must read like this:

SUGGESTION: My suggestion is... (1 short paragraph only, anything longer than that will not count)

You have up to midnight (Pacific Time) to post your suggestion

We have selected the winners!!!

In no particular order, the winning suggestions are:

"Private room w/ more than 2 users"

alphabet soup
"Let room owners give moderator status to other users"

"Salute pictures to show who is real and who is not"

Thanks *EVERYONE* who posted a suggestion. You are awesome and we love you!

Wireclub moved to a new server, take it easy :)

We have upgraded our servers (again) and there are still some issues left to be resolved. Everything should be back to normal soon. In the mean time, if you don't like the new Facebook "like" buttons just stop clicking them - it is easier than making clubs to complain about it

The new upgrades should (eventually) end the chat lag issues some of you have been experiencing - keep your fingers crossed!

Update: we have fixed many of the issues with the new servers, it should be smooth sailing from now on.

Update: You rock. Best users ever. Even the ones that complain about stuff.

Update: Yes, I have a thing for supercomputers. Yes my wife knows about it.

Update: Yes, we will bring it back the daily Wirebucks credit for logging in. We are just trying to figure out the best way to do it (how much, to who). Stay tunned!

Update: No, Facebook will not use image recognition to match Wireclub users with Facebook users either - that is about the silliest thing I have ever heard. Up there with 9/11 conspiracy theories and UFOs.

We have just moved to a better datacenter

So sorry for the downtime, we are now back online - for good!
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