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rak03252: Now I surely don’t intend
to tell anyone what to think..
just hopefully that you think,
and know whats right and what is wrong…

by rak

there’s a very short leash
and a very short fuse
with the world
on high command
and a penchant to confuse
something moving
in the dark
something moving
in the wind
and a truth
both sheer and stark
as promises rescind

and people on the march
with a point they need to prove
we need Mona Lisa now
but they hung her in the Louvre

they tell me
once upon a time
but I know
the real life tale
it’s the outcome
that really counts
not if you try and fail
and now the fuse is lit
and the leash about to break
and when the bomb explodes
you can’t claim it as mistake

it’s bound to boil over
been on simmer for so long
not a matter of what’s right
when you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

so much anger in the air
hostility and rage
all the lies somehow escaped
and they’ve taken
center stage
where the left
and right converge
and a war
no one can win
but when will truth
be told
when everything
is spin

and if hope is never lost
it’s hiding in plain sight
when the ones
that pay the cost
have disappeared
deep in the night
and there’s no one
left to stand
not enough
to just stay strong
when might is never right
but you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

some see
only black and white
and forget
all in-between
when truth is in plain sight
gotta keep your vision keen
it’s embedded
it’s ingrained
it’s taught
and learned by heart
and planted in your brain
and you learn it from the start

then I went on a search
to find hope,
I found despair
I found doors
and windows locked
and not a key to spare

and the bell of doom is tolling
feels like time is running out
all the virtuous extolling
don’t know what it’s all about

like chickens without heads
running to and fro
but without a destination
no idea where to go
and someone says,
“be smart”
someone else says,
“must stay strong”
but when nothing’s ever right
and you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

is it time to roll the dice
start again,
back to square one
and abandoning advice
where the hell is
fun fun fun
from every mountain top
or every penthouse view
it’s always a long drop
so much you can’t undo

and I watch a new day dawn
and turn on the latest news
it’s good to be aware
absorbing all the blues

there’s a struggle,
sure and certain
it’s the aftermath regime
when you see the final curtain
has faded like a dream
where’s the leash
who lit the fuse
where do we go from here
did you hear the latest news
they say,
“the end is near”

no one sticking to the plan
no place
left to belong
it’s time
to tell the truth
time to prove
that wrong is wrong
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Angel131313: Beautiful
4 months ago ReplyReport
rak03252: and i surely do appreciate anyone making their way thru these verses...a bit too long..but i couldnt stop LOL
4 months ago ReplyReport
EyzzBrown: Wish more would take a stand.... it all starts within us.
4 months ago ReplyReport
Angel131313 in reply to rak03252: Not to long for me
4 months ago ReplyReport
OceanAngel7: Was well worth the read!
4 months ago ReplyReport
SunshineDeb: Rak, this is wonderful! Not too long at all. It rolls like a story, developing what you want to say.
4 months ago ReplyReport
AuroraNorthBorealis: Wow! So beautifully written.
4 months ago ReplyReport
keytothehearts: 👍🏼😁👍🏼
4 months ago ReplyReport
Bri__: Its definitely not too long, I wld say this one is very powerful and can't be written in a shorter version. May it all go well, and hopefully one day will fall back in a better more secure place for all USA citizens
4 months ago ReplyReport
TraehA: What a powerful message...you put into words the stresses most people are feeling an cant Express. What's Wrong is an will always be Wrong! Stand up an be accountable for your actions, one voice may get lost but as a whole we roar U.S.A. Thank you again for a beautiful poem Never long enough when the truth &heart of matters are Righted from wrong✌👍⚘❤🦋
4 months ago ReplyReport
sky_deep: Beautiful to read.
4 months ago ReplyReport
RnKris84: There are no words. You always do such a clear and soulful description of pain, love and loneliness in your writing. I am always so thrilled to read your work. Thank you !
4 months ago ReplyReport
moonchildmistres: As usual touched my heart and soul. Powerful words. Amazing Rak! Thanks for sharing with us.
4 months ago ReplyReport
moonchildmistres in reply to Angel131313: Me either
4 months ago ReplyReport
marylou000: the thoughts of so many....yet very few speak of the thoughts that crowd are mind....very nicely written ....may we always know the difference between right and wrong in our hearts!!!!!!!
4 months ago ReplyReport
fleetwoodgirl: A good read.... It's a struggle within the entire planet I believe. March on.
4 months ago ReplyReport

.............(¯`*•.¸,¤°´'`°¤,¸.•*´¯ )
............¸,¤°´'` °•.¸O¸.•°´'`°¤,¸
......|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ •.•¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
......| Beautiful
............*´'`° ¤¸¸.•'´O`'•.¸¸¤°´'`*.
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manof_darkness: As always worth the read thank you for sharing.
1 month ago ReplyReport
denise362436: Lovely poem as always
1 month ago ReplyReport
moonchildmistres: Oh Rako, so true,so intense,so enlightening. So sadly, to too few...
Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day! God bless you always.💜🌻🌞
1 month ago ReplyReport
RnKris84: Leaves me totally at a loss of words. Beautiful.
1 month ago ReplyReport
TraehA: Another Amazing Heart felt Zapper of Honesty and MORE TRUTH then 1 in office spews from his written script! Sadly so many have to suffer because all the WRONGS KEEP GETTING MORE WRONG! We weren't taught this way.. Thank you for such a strong piece of work , never to long ...when it comes to reading your masterpieces ❤🇺🇸✌🙏🙏
1 month ago ReplyReport