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rak03252: Now I surely don’t intend
to tell anyone what to think..
just hopefully that you think,
and know whats right and what is wrong…

by rak

there’s a very short leash
and a very short fuse
with the world
on high command
and a penchant to confuse
something moving
in the dark
something moving
in the wind
and a truth
both sheer and stark
as promises rescind

and people on the march
with a point they need to prove
we need Mona Lisa now
but they hung her in the Louvre

they tell me
once upon a time
but I know
the real life tale
it’s the outcome
that really counts
not if you try and fail
and now the fuse is lit
and the leash about to break
and when the bomb explodes
you can’t claim it as mistake

it’s bound to boil over
been on simmer for so long
not a matter of what’s right
when you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

so much anger in the air
hostility and rage
all the lies somehow escaped
and they’ve taken
center stage
where the left
and right converge
and a war
no one can win
but when will truth
be told
when everything
is spin

and if hope is never lost
it’s hiding in plain sight
when the ones
that pay the cost
have disappeared
deep in the night
and there’s no one
left to stand
not enough
to just stay strong
when might is never right
but you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

some see
only black and white
and forget
all in-between
when truth is in plain sight
gotta keep your vision keen
it’s embedded
it’s ingrained
it’s taught
and learned by heart
and planted in your brain
and you learn it from the start

then I went on a search
to find hope,
I found despair
I found doors
and windows locked
and not a key to spare

and the bell of doom is tolling
feels like time is running out
all the virtuous extolling
don’t know what it’s all about

like chickens without heads
running to and fro
but without a destination
no idea where to go
and someone says,
“be smart”
someone else says,
“must stay strong”
but when nothing’s ever right
and you can’t prove
wrong is wrong

is it time to roll the dice
start again,
back to square one
and abandoning advice
where the hell is
fun fun fun
from every mountain top
or every penthouse view
it’s always a long drop
so much you can’t undo

and I watch a new day dawn
and turn on the latest news
it’s good to be aware
absorbing all the blues

there’s a struggle,
sure and certain
it’s the aftermath regime
when you see the final curtain
has faded like a dream
where’s the leash
who lit the fuse
where do we go from here
did you hear the latest news
they say,
“the end is near”

no one sticking to the plan
no place
left to belong
it’s time
to tell the truth
time to prove
that wrong is wrong
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moonchildmistres: Oh Rako, so true,so intense,so enlightening. So sadly, to too few...
Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day! God bless you always.💜🌻🌞
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RnKris84: Leaves me totally at a loss of words. Beautiful.
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TraehA: Another Amazing Heart felt Zapper of Honesty and MORE TRUTH then 1 in office spews from his written script! Sadly so many have to suffer because all the WRONGS KEEP GETTING MORE WRONG! We weren't taught this way.. Thank you for such a strong piece of work , never to long ...when it comes to reading your masterpieces ❤🇺🇸✌🙏🙏
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rak03252: This is one of my different type of “poem”
hopefully those that enjoy my verses
will enjoy this one…
I seem to be dwelling on the passing
of time lately

by rak

I wait
as the time unravels
everso slowly
patience in abundance
nowhere to go
no hurry to get there
and yet
as the time unravels
can it be
picking up speed

are my senses deceived
I picture
a multi-colored marble
let loose
in a spherical cone
winding its way
on the edges
circling each precious groove
recording each moment
picking up speed

I sit
on the edge of a mountain
gazing out
into the distance
into the fields
of humanity
human vanity

I watch
as the time rises
like a noble soldier
on one end
the sun
while the moon sunk
on the other

and there is no hurry
just a change of shifts
and colors
and everything blends
the blending of time
of day and night
taking its time
picking up speed

I wait
as the time unravels
I watch
the mysteries pile up
quite amazing
how high
the piles are
as if they were sand
the sands of time
slowly seeping
each grain
dramatically sliding
as the time unravels

and the pace
once slo-mo
as each grain
helplessly follows
picking up speed
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marylou000: this one is my favorite

this one is my favorite!!!!!
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pedrn76: Wow!! Just awesome!
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sky_deep: This is a great pic.
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SunshineDeb: Awww❤
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.......................`.-..._...).).) ................................... /l、
..........................................................................(゚、 。 7
............................................................................l、 ~ヽ
................................................................じしf_, )ノ Meow!
So Sweet
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rak03252: Inspired by OUTLANDER series
A love story, time travel..
Lost love and found love
Thru the magic of time….

(for Jamie and Claire)
by rak
we walked together
hand in hand
crossed deserts
of burning sand
you were always
my woman
as I was
always your man
we defied
all time’s illusions
thru the years
and centuries
you were always
my starting point
thru reality’s fantasies
I lost you once
I lost you twice
and found you
once again
to never be apart
for long
for we shall never end
we walked together
thru the dark
and into the light
wherever we
would ever go
and always with new sight
as time
would always part us
in time
we’d reunite
you and me
thru obstacles
with the wings
of time
in flight
we walked together
hand in hand
crossed oceans
and shores of sand
and time would always
hunt us down
in time’s flight
we’d never land
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AuroraNorthBorealis: I really love, love this poem. Thank you so much for sharing.
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(Post deleted by rak03252 2 months ago)
____ (¯`´¯ ) ______(¯`´¯ )
___¶¶ (_.^._)¶¶____¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶¶
_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯ )¶¶¶¶
¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`´¯ )¶¶¶¶
¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯ )¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`´¯ )¶¶¶¶¶¶
______¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯ )¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
________¶¶¶(¯`´¯ )¶¶¶¶¶
____________ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
_____________ ¶¶¶¶¶
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rak03252: today being 911.....thought i would move this poem over from my poem site...
such a sad, tragic day...am sure everyone recalls where they were and what they were doing.
myself, i was working in a supermarket in NJ, about 19 miles away....got a call from my girlfriend...A PLANE JUST CRASHED into the twin towers, she told me...
10 min later another call, another plane ! i told my co-workers...we were in stunned silence for the day...the supermarket stayed pretty empty all day...everyone glued to the TV and being so close, many had family and friends working there and in NYC....
for days, weeks later, there seemed to be a shift in attitudes....people were kinder to each other, smiling, holding doors...we were in this together....

a sad, and most tragic day.....

Don’t Forget To Cry (for 9/11)©
by rak

nothing much here going on
nothing ever does
we might’ve been invaded
the whole town is abuzz

i hear them say that madmen
flew hi-jacks planes into the towers
i won’t be going out tonight
i watch news by the hour

i hear talk of a holy war
holy nothing, war is hell
just cause they use the lord’s good name
doesn’t make it well

well they got blood and we got blood
they got bombs and so do we
we’ll blow the bastards off the map
we said it simultaneously

if you’re flying thru the clouds tonight
wave as you pass by
meet me at Eternal Light
don’t forget to cry
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TraehA: 🥺20 years....Wow I lower my head in remembrance... My heart pounding with fear!! I caught myself holding my breath...On this day . Wondering looking up into the sky at every plane that flew by..is it going to crash are more people going to die? Our government is treading unstable ground...we've lost to many of our good men..they say the man in office is a clown.. we are seeing terrorists attacks on our own grounds 😔Did those people on 911 die in vain?what's happening to our world? Can any one explain? Taking a life is still a sin....How can we end this? Where do We Begin? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😔
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Never will forget(Wow)20 years i still remember it like yesterday
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rak03252: this one...a few months old...was just re-reading it...thought i would share..

by rak
it always is
what it’s not
supposed to be
nothing else
that happens
makes any sense
to me
had I really been there
did I really care
if anybody saw me
they never would
have dared
I danced alone
at midnight
I heard the rain
come pouring down
I watched as
rebel soldiers
defiantly to town
no one saw their faces
no one
could name their names
but all the empty spaces
get filled in
just the same
and once upon a time
the story does begin
bathed in reels
of rolling rhyme
and saturated sin
we all keep
moving on
destination’s zone
is this how
it’s supposed to be
or has that flag
been flown
it’s always
someone else’s
so good
to lay
the blame
but everyone
unlocks their vault
when it’s time
to claim the fame
it was never meant
to be
this way
just the way
that things
played out
and instead of
going quietly
comes the need
to scream
and shout
all the mutilated myths
and urban fairly tales
the wielding of the scythe
still proves
no one’s
from jail
but set loose
on a reckless course
using force
and any means
where time
can only
mark the time
and everything
I walked alone
in pre-dawn light
thru fog
that would not lift
I heard
the mournful
bullfrog croak
and leave this
parting gift
whatever is
supposed to be
is not
so evident
time reveals
secrets slowly
and you don’t
know where
it went
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♥ ──██────── ♥
♥ ──██────── ♥
♥ ──██────── ♥
♥ ──██▄▄▄─── ♥
_________/)______./¯"""/' )
♥ ──▄███▄─── ♥
♥ ─███─███── ♥
♥ ─███─███── ♥
♥ ──▀███▀─── ♥
_________/)______./¯"""/' )
♥ ─███───██▀ ♥
♥ ─███───██─ ♥
♥ ──██──██── ♥
♥ ────███─── ♥
_________/)______./¯"""/' )
♥ ─▀██▀▀▀█── ♥
♥ ──██▄█──── ♥
♥ ──██▀█──── ♥
♥ ─▄██▄▄▄█── ♥
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OceanAngel7 in reply to allaboutbeck: that's what I keep asking him LOL
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AuroraNorthBorealis: Thank you for sharing! Been missing your poems, (who knew I would appreciate poetry.) Thank you for teaching me to enjoy.
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rak03252: just a few thoughts:
:maybe it's time the all knowing governors do away with car seat mandates.
.very restraining for children in car,
kids need freedom too look out back windows too...and can pick up anything they drop on floor.
.its actually almost like a jail sentence in motor vehicle!
and what about smolkers rights ? well i am a quit smoker BUT smokers have rights too
..i really miss going into a bar or restaurant and not seeing the cloud of smoke,
miss the pleasing smell of second hand smoke. and miss stepping on or over all the butts on the floor.
.smokers rights !!
and for all the anti-vaxxers...just curious...
dont you think its time to stop immunizine your children against the childhood diseases ? measles, mumps. chicken pox..german measles.
.and shouldnt people have the right to refuse small pox vaccine and polio vaccine ?
Dr's really are over-stepping their authority
 feel free to add any other freedoms that have been taken away from us.
.like seatbelts in cars ?
and no using cell phones while driving ?
and who says we have had too much to drink?
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ClassicCarTunes: I refused the flu shot for years after I left the military and reserves. But that was the flu .... this aint the flu.
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liatnesse: Greetings Everyone... Great post Mr. Rako, in a World where everything almost stood still, we still have lunacy running wild everywhere. So many conspiracy theories, so much negativity and so much doubt in a time where everyone should be coming together to bring some kind of normality back to our World.

I worry that if a child had an accident or a burst appendix, or some other kind of critical illness and an I.T.C bed was needed, there may not be one available due to the high rate of Covid-19 cases. As soon as I was invited for my vaccine, I thought my Birthdays and Christmas's had come all at once. I am fully vaccinated and booked in for my influenza vaccine. x
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SunshineDeb in reply to ClassicCarTunes:
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OceanAngel7: lol Bri, I mean because of his looks!
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Bri__ in reply to OceanAngel7: Only kidding ocean he's a great friend to have of gold
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Cherry_Blossom_: HAPPY 4TH XOXOX
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OceanAngel7: Happy Father's Day!
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OceanAngel7: thank you!
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rak03252: This is a nice little fun one
for all you midnight dancers and prancers..
roamers and gloamers..
beware the werewolves...

by rak

if I could save every minute
of the midnight hour
when the cops and the robbers arrive
would I become complacent
or a reluctant replacement
would I do what it takes to survive

I was dreaming a dream
in the midnight hour
as the world around me
came crashing down
I was caught and lost
in a meteor shower
as an army in armour
marched to town

strange how things appear
in the midnight hour
as tho rules of the road
cease to exist
moon-bathing naked
neath the glowing tower
of stars,
twirling with a twist

and I dreamed a dream
in the midnight hour
a nitemare where werewolves
and zombies were on the kill
and the words from a wise old owl echo loudly
if zombies don’t get you
werewolves will

I tread with a flashlight
in the midnight hour
shadows loomed large
they were trailing me
I was feeling afraid
a man with no power
seems my good senses
started failing me

alone once again
in the midnight hour
I camped on the hilltop
soon the sun will rise
hard going forward
when sweet things
turn sour
but every new day
brings a new surprise
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TraehA: What a treat thanks😊❤
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Moonlaker007: Nice Rak! I wonder though, if maybe those late night pizzas and wings might be affecting your dreams, lol...
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two whispers
two whispers in reply to shystorm: Thats right shystorm! Lol
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SunshineDeb: I love this lol 🐈🐈
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OceanAngel7: Caturday, in the park, I think it was the fourth of July la la la
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SunshineDeb: I love this❤
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Its so nice to meet you have a great day.
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SunshineDeb: That's beautiful, angel!
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Angel131313 in reply to SunshineDeb: Thank u so very much SunshineDeb so very kind of you
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rak03252: Sometimes, one can just look up at the sky
And see the world changing before your eyes…

 by rak

I like the cool night sky
in the hours before dawn
when the dreamers dreams
are all but gone
I like the cool night sky
and the stillness sounds
as the dreamers dreams
are bouncing out of bounds
in the still of night
while the world still spins
it’s a wingless flight
and nobody wins
I like the cool night sky
and its changing views
at the break of day
and all the vibrant blues
as the night time fades
a new day arrives
the sun slowly rising
seeing what survives
in the pre-dawn world
we see the old and new
and the dreamers dreams
sometimes do come true
I like the cool night sky
the time when nothing moves
and the dreamers dreams
sometimes proves to soothe
with each brand new dawn
gives a new found hope
you can see it clear
you can see full scope
and like the dreamers dream
beneath the cool night sky
with nowhere to go
as you wonder why
it’s the cool night sky
it’s the dreamers dreams
when you wonder why
nothing’s as it seems
yet the day begins
another nighttime ends
you wonder what will be
if the dream’s pretend
and like the cool night sky
and like the dreamers dreams
it all fades away
and blends with the beams
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rak03252: such a nice peaceful time of day
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AuroraNorthBorealis: Wonderful
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SunshineDeb in reply to rak03252: Yes! That is such a peaceful time of day! It's calm down, cool down, just so sedate
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rak03252: wrote this almost a year ago, when George Floyd was murdered...
i feel a lot better about it today...but my hopes are that real change will come...

sad, that this poem was necessary to write....
stay safe !

wrote this on May 30th,2020

(for George Floyd)
by rak

after a long night
of riots, unrest
can’t begin to imagine
what’s coming next
a man was murdered
a cop was charged
in these days of disease
as the shadow grows large

people been locked down
quarantined for weeks
people disgusted
as the president speaks
a man couldn’t breath
as cops held him down
in these days of disease
as the shadow goes round

they chant, carry signs
and march thru the streets
spreading the word
and disease in the heat
just a matter of time
something bound to burst
a man killed in the street
but the shadow still thirsts

can’t bring George Floyd back
his life carelessly snuffed
human lives matter
enough is enough
there’s tears and there’s grief
we’re in this together
there’s a mask on the shadow
will tomorrow be better
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shystorm: rak
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shystorm: wonderful person
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Chele1L: What is that ^
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SunshineDeb: Nice
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