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31 Female from Cold Lake       107
I am the princess of mean and I always run away from the bad guys and bosses round me but dont dare rag in my mouth or tie me up and dont break my life and heart cuz I feel hurt and alone dont making me mad as myself of werewolf and full demon princess at night k peace

princesslightning: To everyone in my wire friends and bros and besties and bffs and fathers and best buds ever

hey peeps and gang ty for cheer me up from sky she will be gone and ban I wish everyone keep me post as nice things and badges from everyone love u missing u all but everyone understand about my dad as rp named DMone7 ): god missing him so much I wish everyone let me know about him cuz I dont have him in my list of friends as fam members pls everyone praying for him and me and others but right now I am sad hurt from sky and zero and others I hate them in they life in they post it is mean and rude from them just dont post anything about them bc I am nice girl not sky her pics bad I just saw them in her pfp in her home page so I put all thumps down from last night so everyone do the same for me I dont anyone become friends with her she is mean which and not nice words and she needs be kick out her age is 122 that bad u guys keep me safe in my heart can all u guys do that for me ty ever so much oxoxo lightning god bless everyone love u all
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h53deb: We love you
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princesslightning: ty bff ded shout out to u ox keep everyone lk my bio for sky as meaner girl ever!!
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