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Perspicuity: I hate you, entropy.
How you greedy steal the fingerprints off corpses,
turn water into dust
dust to stone,
stone to void,
how you rip out pain and heartbeat,
my mother’s hands,
my father’s hair.
I spit on you in dreams:
sand drops from my lip
as through an hourglass,
broken, dead.
Once they boiled pig toes
roasted fat corn.
Grease and greens and snapping fingers
roister the smoky air,
red whirls of dress
tease sunlight.
All that long and lusty riot
just the faded slide
of a stereopticon.
My neighbor saved teeth,
her husband’s, child’s,
the warden of loss.
What in the mouth
would cut,
channel lies,
a smile,
in the box
lies shrunken,
We die,
gifting boxes of crayoned cards
to landfills.
Is this really our glory,
our bright anthem,
that the curls we brush,
nails we shape,
tongue we whet with wit,
suckle, when our worldlines meet,
the twisted bramble roots
that yearn
for the heart of earth?
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FistOfStone 2 years ago ReplyReport
sarah_spirit: Evocative..very close to home ... a part of it x
2 years ago ReplyReport
FlorSilvestre: I really love those poems that are a mixture between the rational world and the sensible world
1 year ago ReplyReport
Perspicuity in reply to FlorSilvestre: Very Heraclitean--the logos (unchanging rational order) behind the ever-changing sensible world. You can't step into the same river twice, but opposites are really the same. I think he is YOUR pre-Socratic philosopher. (And mine)
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