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A place to discuss writing fiction.
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Hello all!  This is a club where you can come chill and discuss and trade suggestions on books.  Every Genre of book is welcome for discussion in here.  I'm a major book worm myself and i love books....
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books, books, and even more books
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Like to have friends? Well come here to make and meet more friends!
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Lets get together and help each other out in order to reach our goals. I'm a writer, with hopes of eventually being picked up by a publishing house. Feel free to use this club to make new friends,...
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Share writing experiences/writings(poetry, short story, etc.)for others to view/feedback. Also, if you're a published author, feel free to share your experience of becoming published. {Just sharing...
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A club too talk about any online games- World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, counterstrike, or any others.
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a place where young writers and actors can get together, chat up about ideas, current events, great ideas, and good causes
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