I am the Hong Kong girl.

Thank you everyone who has chat me. I enjoy to chat the many topic with you

But please, I enjoy to chat 1 person only one time. If I am chat you then I will chat you only. But if I am chat another I will chat them only and I will chat you when I am available. I don't enjoy to chat 2 and more people. I cannot do it. English is not my mother tongue. I feel too stress to chat more people. So if you see I am online please ask I can chat. And if it is not the convenient time or I chat already someone then I cannot chat you. I am sorry to you but I cannot do it.

I am happy to know you and I will try chat you sooner

I am the good dutiful girl to chat guys i prefer mature guys more

Ai chat is new to me but I like the ai can make the chat more interesting
and because my English is not good. If you have the ai chat you can
invite to me to chat there. or i can make the chat and give to you.

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