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I had a man block me today and honestly I don’t know why. I thought we’d mad a decent connection. I gave him all the attention I could. I work full time. Only online during the day on Friday.

It’s a rhetorical question but why does that happen?? If I feel like I need not to continue chatting with someone, I let them know it isn’t working. I’m kind. Not ugly. Not personal. I want to think well of people. We ought to be grownups.

It makes me sad.
GDawg2: I would never block you.
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tcmb9278: The guy is a fool. Don’t worry about it
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farleft: I try to shape my life around two basic assumptions that I bet you would agree with; 1) Humans are born to be "good"....we want to think of ourselves as moral, loving people and know sometimes we stumble; 2) Humans are pack animals. We thrive on social connections. At the same time we are bombarded by propaganda which sets us against one another.

What do you think?
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