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Hi! I'm Olivia Smith,
I leaving in Queens Gate, London, United Kingdom together with my parents.
I'm 25 years old of age.
I was Born on the 12th Of October, 1991
I Love Traveling & exploring the world!
I'm also a Nature Lover's
I Love going in the beach.
I do cooking, eating different kind of foods, I also Love eating vegetables.
I also work-out at the gym to sustained my beautiful and sexy body.
I am a lady that has an sweet personality and a good daughter and a big! big heart to other.
If You Want To know Me better then try to be nice to me first...
All I want in my life is to meet nice and cool new friends Just Like You
I Like Surprises and I'm also an attention-seeker.
"Treat me like a Queen and I Treat You Like A King."
If you do that for me I'll give you sweet kiss in every morning, cuddle hug for everyday.
I may be stubborn,sassy, & rude at all times but I have a bigger heart and care about others more than I should.
I can Do better things now than I could before just because you came into my life and filled it with your love.
I'm also an Pet's Lover! specially Cat and Dog! I love them both because they makes me happy, even if I'm so down and tired all day long.
I also love singing and playing instrument, Watching romantic and horror movies.
I do also Dancing, I love also hanging-out with my friends.
I am just one of a million kind of girl in this world that deserve to be Love and not to be hurt by someone....
I Like true people, hates rude.
I hope! I caught your attention and I Promise You that you wont ever regret of knowing me.

Olivia Smith
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