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im sorry if i offeneded anyone

well i guess i should know by now to keep my big mouth shut sorry if i offended anyone by what i say. ill just learn to not say anything or leave sorry if i mad anyone mad . have a nice day and i hope i dont lose any friendships i have developed because of my mouth. thank you for your time have a nice day

i need you now (sang by gurly and bradley joe )

if anyone wants to hear i need you now sang by myself and gurly go to www.singsnap.com and then to watch and listen and then to member and then to my user name jjosepm then 2011 there are still songs by myself under 2010

to all my friends

hello everyone i posted a blog on the new wire but it got wiped out i guess so ill do it again. after not being able to chat with my friends for a couple of days i realize how much they all mean to me and i dont want lose contact with any of you so im requesting email address's or add me on face book if you want please let me hear from you if you want. you can reach me at McdermeitBradley@Y****.com or add me on y**** messenger at the same address or im on facebook under bradley Mcdermeit. i hope you will all respond friends are a precious thing and if your on my friends list its becasue i truly want you there and would always want to be able to stay in contact. thank you for your time and for being my friend yours truely Bradley Mcdereit (joebrad/Bradleyjoe)

starting a new room

hello everyone i will periodicly be starting a room named meet and mingle for people looking to find that special someone or to just make new friends hope you come and join me thank you bradley joe

coming to the aid of a friend

hello all i just would like to address a situation that happened the other day in 50's chat room. a very dear friend of mine was hurt by some of the comments made toward her. im not sure if she just didnt understand what was being said or what happened but she is very upset about it and asked me to help if i could. first of all she is from malasia and may not understand how people are from other parts of the world. i know people like to joke and kid around so im sure nothing was meant to be harmful that was said but she took it as an attack on her. she is a very nice person and i hope people woukld talk to her and get to know her as i have. it would be my wish that people would explain what they mean sometimes because i know from personel experience that sometimes things get confused when chating with people from other countries. my friends name is fione and i hope that everyone would be careful as to how they word things when chatting with her for i dont want to see her so upset thank you for listening. see everyone in the chat rooms everyones friend joebrad

for music lovers

hello all my friend on wire i know that most of you already know this but im gonna repeat it for those who dont. if your interested in hear some great ametuer singer there is a kareoke web site that is just fantastic it's www.singsnap.com lots of great singers on there and im sure you will enjoy the music if your intereseted in my stuff you just go to watch and listen and then to memeber and then my name which is jjosepm and you can access all my songs please stop by and listen to all of the wonderful talent on there thanky you bradley ray Mcdermeit

happy new years

hello all my friends i wouldlike to take this time to wish eachand all of you a happy new year. i wont be seeing anyone tonight on line cause im headed out to see a friend of mine i havnet seen in awhile from wisc so im gonna part like there is no tommorow see ya all have a geat night bye my friends

merry christmas

hi to all my friends on wire club id like to take this time to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. as most of you know i got a new job and it takes a lot of my time so i havnt talked to many of you ina long time i will make an effort to be on here more and chat with everyone more in the coming year have a great hioliday season see ya sometime