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i don't know how to clarify my experience . i was a very very simplex student .with the benefit of traditional education,i scarely did anything except studying studying. after i entered university,i feeled so unadapted that no parents,no press to be afraid of examination.i don't know what i could do and what i should do. as a result , the most worship wealthy of me -time go so speed,at the three year of my university life ,i found a meat and drink ,a classmate in our grade .she how could i say ,she is a gorgeous optimistic beautiful girl .i get along with time goes by ,i feel subtle hint of the feeling of love .i don't have any experience.and i don't know how she treat the sentiment between us. i am quit shy to tell her my thought and it killing me inside .at last ,i tell her the truth without any hope ,i know i haven't do anything . as expected ,she tell me she wouldn't care about the question in her university stage.however ,i could't treat the sentiment in calm emtion be continue