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In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show's Paul Pabst on Saturday, Scottie Pippen was asked a hypothetical question about how a seven-game series between his 1995-96 Bulls and this year's Warriors team would play out. It's the type of question that always gets asked (see: Michael Jordan versus Stephen Curry or LeBron James), and really, it would never happen, because we have yet to make time travel possible, but the beauty of Pippen's answer is that how terse it is.

Pabst: "72-win Bull team versus this Warriors team. How would it play out in the seven-game series?"Pippen: "Bulls in four [games]."Pabst: "Bulls in four?"Pippen: "Yeah."Pabst: "They don't get one off you?"Pippen: "No."Pabst: "You guys don't take one night off, go out a little bit and give them one?"Pippen: "Nah, I don't think we'll take a night off."

Pippen went on to talk about which Bulls player would cover which Warriors player, but the confidence in Pippen's answer pretty much says it all. As of writing, the Warriors are five games away from beating the Bulls' 72-10 record, whichMichael Jordan is apparently OK with ... but given the video above, maybe not Pippen.
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Better Than a Video Game: NBA 2K16 can't keep up with Stephen CurryBe sure to subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube channel for highlight videos, features, analysis and moreLeBron James keeps smashing dunks and passing legends on the all-time scoring list -

LeBron James' frustrations have been evident throughout this season. Now, it appears he's taking any anger out on the rims in Atlanta. James crushed not one, but two massive dunks against the Hawks.First, he slammed one home in traffic.

The Cavs needed every one of those James dunks too as they went into overtime against the Hawks. By racking up dunks and points, LeBron also made a little more history. He passed Oscar Robertson on the all-time scoring list and now sits at No. 11.

Late-season games can often feel unnecessary. The contenders already have their playoff tickets punched and rest players while the lottery-bound franchise are more interested in some extra ping pong balls than wins. The early nights of.

April are only important for a small group of teams that desperately fight for their playoff lives. Team like the Pistons and the Bulls.Detroit prevailed in a close game and their 94-90 win brought them closer to the playoffs. For Chicago, this might prove to be the loss that ends its season.
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