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Cheating Eyes

I really did believe back then that fairies took my teeth
I'd carefully lift my pillow, and slip them underneath
I really did believe one night that sleighs and deers could fly
And once a year on Christmas Eve, old Santa crossed the sky

And then my favourite fairtytale began one winter's night
A true-life prince (or so it seemed) came after his snow white
My life was in a state of sleep, but with his kiss I woke
I soon believed his words of love, and every word he spoke

But cheating minds can lurk beneath a pair of loving eyes
If only I had known back then that fairy tales are lies.....


Now, Phyllis was the name of the woman down our block
She was neither smart nor pretty, but our kids loved her just the same.

Each day she'd walk on out there to where the children played
She'd tell them funny stories, and give them all some cake.

Then on one cold and gloomy day she didn't come out at all
And when her dog kept barking loud, we knew there was something wrong.

They came to take her body now, and we all followed behind
As we wanted to say goodbye to her, and thank her for her love....