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my room

gm everyone as you can see there is two rooms with the same name mine is curvey older woman the other is CUrvey older woman most can not see the letter are different when i was out in the hospital from having a stroke this has happen how can this be fair i had a good group of people coming in . that is the thing i miss the most i never booted people out except trouble makers or under age . if i did boot someone by mistake i try to talk to them any way i am getting off track . i have try to send wire a letter asking how this can happen i had a good amount of guest coming in and he has taken them over to his side when he had his own room no one would go in knowing what would happen can you all please tell me what more can i do i miss my guess if wire does not help me soon i think i will take my room down . but knowing that is what rabbit wants . id anyone on line can help me please do so thank you so very much