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Let's Flirt

Well it as been so long since I last blogged, wow a real long time. I don't even know if any one will even take the time to read this, but here I go anyway.
Recently I have gotten a few messages from lady's I don't know on here who said they liked my profile and wanted to get in touch with me. I have also been seeing a lot of post that show up on my page of sexy female pics of user's I have not heard from in a long while, nice pics thanks lol.
Well if you are interested in some adult fun and laughs let's hang out in chat. Take care and stay beautiful on the inside, because that is my favorite type of beauty.

Lately I have been feeling lonely and left out, I don't really know why?

Feelings are a difficult thing for me, I spent most of my life either running from them or being consumed by them. I am feeling lonely even though I have people in my life to share with. It's like I can't get enough attention to excite me and lesson the feelings of loneliness. I continue to flirt with some amazing people, and that seems to calm my loney feelings, and some of the flirting is naughty and exciting, but doesn't cure my loneliness. I really don't know what it is I am looking for or why am looking, but I know there is something I need or I think I need, I don't know. If any of this I just wrote makes any sense to you, and you can relate, then tell me your thoughts and feelings too. As I close let me show you a little about me by saying this: people are always talking about seeing the glass half empty or full, there insight being positive or negative! I am happy to have a glass , without it, it doesn't matter. Please leave comments

To pic or not to pic that is the question lol

As you all know I am one of the world's biggest flirts, and I have had some really interesting conversation with some very special ladies.
A very sexy flirtatious lady wanted to share pics and told me about a site called kik where you can chat and share pics and videos privately. I created a user account and user name m i s s i o n i m p o s s a b l
e 6 9 and we started some very exciting chating that led to sharing pics and vids. I love this site and wonder if others use it too

Is being a humorous flirt a good thing or a bad thing

For those of you who know me, you know I love to flirt and make those around me smile and laugh. I get a lot of positive attention flirting, but a few seem to not like the attention I get or are upset when I flirt with others. I would really like to hear all your comments and let me know if my flirtatious way brings a smile to your face. You can also reach me on KIk, by searching for my user name : missionimpossable69 , send pics and I will do the same lol