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for my gf the love of my life the heart of my soul my everything

I’ll be right here when you need me,
Any time just keep believing
And I’ll be right here
If you ever need a friend
Someone to care and understand
I’ll be right here

All you gotta do is call my name
No matter how close or far away
Ask me once and i’ll come running
And when i can’t be with you dream me near
Keep me in your heart and i’ll appear
All you gotta do is
Turn around
Close your eyes
Look inside
I’m right here.

the poem for the love of my life

My love...

My love is endless,
My love love is strong,
My love is honest, and it's never wrong.

My love is trustful,
My love is great,
My love is gentle, for it has no hate.

My love is understandable,
My love is true,
My love is happy for me knowing you.

My love is the world,
It will never end,
My love makes you more than just a friend.

So please,
Take your chance,
At this time as we romance.

I'll gave you my life,
I'll give you my love,
I'll give you eveything till we both rise above.

You give me your hugs
And also your kiss,
The best in the world that I wouldnt miss.

Please come closer to me,
Come close to my heart,
And we shall love each other like we did at the start.

But as we come close to the future,
You shall see,
As I say the special question, "Will You Marry Me?"

babe this is how i feel about u i love u and will always will

Every day, I close my eyes and dream about you. I see us together before the candlelight. It feels so right as I kiss you, caress you, and hold you tight. As you gaze into my eyes and tell me how much you love me, my knees grow weak, and my heart skips a beat. Yet I suddenly feel a tempest that's as powerful and grand as the sea, because your words touch something deep inside of me.