Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy:
If any man acquires vast knowledge
but has no love in his heart,
he is a frozen library
that welcomes no visitors.
Though few may enter and learn,
they will not bear it for long.
Warm deceptions tempt many
while in the breath of such a place.
Those who have never received
wisdom beyond their hearts
deprive themselves of wonderful gifts
that come in lackluster packages.
The body cries out for nourishment
but its mouth craves flavor.
Men yearn for virtue
but their eyes marvel at beauty.
A conscience hungers for counsel
but ears are drawn to music.
Consider the hearer as you speak
so that you may discern
how to share what is true.
Treat some as thin scrolls,
writing the truth with a gentle hand
lest they be torn to shreds.
Handle others as firm slabs,
using chisels and hammers
to carve out falsehoods with much force.
When you do these things for their sake
preserve authenticity at all times.
Conform not as chimes
which continually sway
at every gust of wind.
For they are nothing more
than hollow delights to the ears.
Sentiments have no place above truth
neither should they be trampled
beneath our feet.
Be wary of them
that are consumed by passion.
They will beckon you, saying
"Come! Let us make a grand fire
by casting our torches into one heap."
To those who are void of balance,
keep your distance from an open flame
lest you stumble at any time
and become the cost of its radiated warmth.
Whosoever wishes
to do good without longsuffering
is like a sweet tree sap
that hardens itself if not received quickly.
Therefore, let your kindness be patient.
Be like the desert cactus
which blossoms each day
despite a lack of witnesses.
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Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle: what scripture version is this
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: Lol its just something i scribbled together myself
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy:
"The Stages of Desolation"

Whosoever lacks longsuffering
will not suffer for long.
Evil promises freedom from anguish
as it leads to the grave.
Resist the urge to fulfill temptation.
An addicted soul
is like a man covered in hives.
Observe how he scratches for relief,
only for them to return
in greater number and intensity.
Be cautious of fortune tellers.
For they work as spiritual prostitutes,
luring men into their tents;
piercing minds while gently grazing shoulders.
A spider builds its web
across blossoming flowers.
Take heed brethren.
Lest you share the fate of carnal knights
who removed their armor for harlots
and were slain when arrows fell.
Keep these words in remembrance.
Weak men create loose women,
and loose women enable men to be weak.
A man who acts upon his lust
invites destruction to his village,
not knowing how the enemy
occupies nations with lewd women
before unleashing his army.
Conquered soldiers declare submission,
kneeling over an opium field.
In the great shame of defeat
many have succumb to this herb,
which plants them in the streets.
Let it be known.
A planter of opium
is a planter of men
ripe for the enemy's harvest.
You will witness desolation,
but the desolate shall merge with it.
Brutish clans idolize familiar wounds.
Pride of the afflicted shall be their downfall
as they reject any physician
who is without such scars
and ignore the speech of unpierced tongues.
I will say this again.
Wisdom is free
but many choose to pay
an unnecessary price.
Learn and live.
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Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle: Have u seen this?

NASA LIES - NASA in HEBREW means "TO DECEIVE" .... in Plain Sight for ALL to SEE ...

NASA LIES - NASA in HEBREW means "TO DECEIVE" .... in Plain Sight for ALL to SEE ... It is a well known fact that the Illuminati always puts their real intentions out “in plain sight” for all to see.

Why do they do this? Because I believe there is a law in Scripture that states all intentions of the Supernatural must be made known to the natural man.

NASA is notorious for having Freemasons, Nazis and occultists in its ranks – especially during its founding. These types also tend to be Kabbalists and mystics heavily into gematria.

Gematria (in Greek: meaning geometry) is an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of code and numerology later adopted into Jewish culture that assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to nature, a person’s age, the calendar year, or the like.Source:

But only those with eyes to see will ...
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: Anti-Spell Proverbs

(Part 1/7)

Avoid spiritual intruders
who instruct you to empty your mind.
For they serve entities in need of vacancy.
Guard the door of your psyche
lest you wander out
and return with no way to enter.
Diversions are abundant.
Learn to recognize trickery.
An oppressor remains in power
by keeping the eyes of the oppressed
on the oppressed.
Focus on the hypnotist.
Pay no attention to his pendulum
as he controls its momentum
in both directions.
Once this knowledge is applied,
faceless narrations will be filtered
from your mind.

(Part 2/7)

Invisible forces reveal true colors.
A fool crosses the wilderness
while denying this truth.
Camouflaged serpents will bite his ankles,
and watch in sinister delight
as he accuses the dog.
World power keeps the cold-blooded warm.
But never seek to wrestle a python.
Even if a man is able to shut its mouth,
he shall perish by constriction.
Therefore, rely not on violence.
In the desert,
sand is blown into sand
and dunes are formed out of dunes.
No amount of arid wind
can bring life to it.
Mankind possesses many strengths
though remains helpless against bodily decay.
How then can it save a passing world?
For if men had light within themselves,
none would be in darkness.
Take refuge near a candle
which pierces every shadow.
Mark any philosopher as blind
once he teaches equality
between light and its absence.
Those who worship duality
are only darkness
and have never beheld the candle.
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy:
Woe to the glutton
who consumes for a body within his own,
and whose mouth serves
as a gate to another.
Avoid such a fate,
knowing that greed
is the most vile of all parasites.
Its host remains emaciated.
Though he fills many jars with honey,
they shall be sealed by excess.
And when he seeks
to silence his hunger,
none will be opened.
Remember how it is written
as a promise from the Most High,
there shall be no reward to the evil man.
Better are drops
in the palms of humble men,
than weighty jars
placed on the shoulders of feeble gluttons.
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: A 1981 novel
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: "The Eyes of Darkness" is the book
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Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle in reply to Millennium Envoy: Yes but when was the book written
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Millennium Envoy: 2020 And the Years to Come

The origin of ruling powers
does not lie within a crown,
but in the authority to crown.
Royalty descends by its own weight
with permission from the most High.
The sun gives rise to trees.
And by their firm stature,
vines are granted access
to great heights.
Fret not at the appointment
of wicked men.
Observe the signs,
knowing that darkness moves
according to light.
Fields turn into clocks
as shadows rotate throughout the day.
Night is under the moon's dominion
while the sun completes a circuit.
For this cause,
Mankind must endure unraveling prophecies
which are cast down from above.
Many shall riot and protest in vain
bickering over two hands of the same beast
as its legs march into a pit.
And every beast will fall therein
having their skeletons merge as one.
Beware of the man who rises out.
His hand will conquer the nations
after seducing them with peaceful promises.
Let it be known.
Tranquility is found
in the eye of a storm
as it brings lives to ruin.
But have no worry.
Remain steadfast in solid truth
and your feet shall never be lifted
by any rivers of smooth deceit.
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: Revelation 17:4-5
And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication
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Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle: the great mother of harlots Babylonian n are all the many facets and false churches doctrines of devil's that stem out of the tree from the Vatican

Or are you talking about the 10 Nations

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I saw a ufo
I saw a ufo: its the statue of liberty. -Just sayin.
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Millennium Envoy
Millennium Envoy: I will be absent from wire for some days, most likely till next month. happy holidays everyone
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existing: Happy holidays friend! Be safe!
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Ms_Bliss: enjoy your holidays!
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