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Random interview with moi cause I'm bored

Q: What is the youngest age you can remember back to?
A: Well I often get flashbacks of me from when I was around 4 or 5

Q: What sports are you trying out for this year?
A: Cheerleading <3

Q: Did you wear your hair in a ponytail today?
A: Actually, yes I did!

Q:Who do you have on speed dial?
A: No one..

Q:What colors do you like to paint your toenails?
A: Any colours! .. so it depends

Q:Would it be cool to learn how to DJ at a club?
A: I guess... but I prefer dancing

Q:Where are you going to be three hours from now?
A: Sleeping :/

Q:What job would you NEVER take, even as a last resort?
A: Garbage women...

Q:If you broke your computer, would you be able to fix it on your own?
A: Depends on what's wrong with it!

Q:If someone looked in your closet, how would they judge your style?
A: Trendy

Q:What was the shittiest hotel you’ve ever stayed at and why?
A: Heather Hotel... cause it wasn't well looked after...

Q:Have you ever gone on a boat and been sick the whole time?
A: Nope! I was practically raised on boats and the open sea!

Qid you get a good sleep last night?
A: I suppose so...

Q:What is the weather like outside?
A: Dark and windy...

Q:If someone makes a spelling or grammar mistake, do you ignore or
A: Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I don't

Qo oversized sunglasses actually look good on you?
A: I'm not sure!

Q:What is the most overrated thing in the world?
A: Dunno!

Q:Have you heard any completely untrue rumours about yourself lately?
A: Nope!

Q:What is one word to describe your room?
A: Bubbly

Q:If you found a wallet filled with cash on the street, what would you do with
A: Try to find who owns it first... if I couldn't then I'd take the money

Q:Have you ever kept something from the wild as a pet?
A: Never...

Q:What grades do/did you usually get in school?
A: To be honest... straight A's!!

Q:What is the worst lie you’ve told and gotten away with?
A: I'm fine...

Qo your parents try to plan out your future for you?
A: Don't all parents?

Qo you think that surveys are a huge waste of time?
A: Sometimes...

Q:Are you wearing a hoodie today?
A: Nooooo

Q:How many songs do you have on your music player?
A: Almost 200!

Q:What is one thing you’d change about yourself?
A: Not sure...

Q:What is something your parents are always nagging you about?
A: Settling down in a few years...

Q:What is the last thing you laughed about?

A: A picture that I saw

Q:Are you embarassed to talk about stuff with your dad?
A: Umm...... DUH!