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Spell check

Spell check. I finally had enough typo 🐂 bull shit. I turn it off for good. No more crazy mistake from having go over and make sure my spelling is correct. Nope spell check has mind of it's own. Well that was short lived... Spell check turn it self back on.

On the go cooking for vegetarians

This dish starts with vegetarian hot dogs Nathan's to be exact. Take a vegan hot dogs boil them and peel your potatoes put them in the pot. One potatoes are done boiling add milk I prefer oat milk. Remove hot dogs from water spit in half the hot dogs. Put mashed potatoes in between the hot dog these potatoes are good. Add cheese probably cheddar sharp or regular and they do make vegan cheese that's very delicious. Broil at 500 degrees to the cheese has melted. I can't describe how delicious they really are. Add vegetables of your choice with this very nice meal a little wine. I did have a picture