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For people that enjoy all aspects of body piercing. Come and show us what you got hehe.
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A group for people who get p^ssed off at guys or girls who add them or speak to them for one reason only. Who use them for their own self gratification. Who pretend to care but only wanna get...
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for anyone who has trouble going to sleep at night most of the time cause of there crappy thinking or just anything else that bothers yous
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A place where bisexuals can chat and maybe meet
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for all the people who know how make a lil noise in the bedroom... (admit it, it's hot) ;) ;) ;)
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For everyone who likes to cuddle in bed :)
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Wooooooooooo all girls kick ass
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watch this video the more people who watch and join..the more awareness will be spread. If i can have every single person who cares join this club..i will send the proof the to Prevent Abuse...
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Coffee, The Genuine Nectar of the Gods.
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dont u agree we are the best creation god ever made ladies, Men dont you think you couldnt lie without us
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Ughhhhhh I'm going craaaaaazy :$
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Most healthy way of living ;) Partying, it's not a hobby, it's a form of life.
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Sonic Youth
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from all :heart: :love::heart::love::heart::love::heart::love::heart::love::heart: :love::heart::love::heart::love::heart::love::heart::love::heart:...
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The Club has been created for:- * The people out there with love for tattoo * The reason i created this group is as so many people in the world out there are curious about getting a tattoo,...
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