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NO MEN...NO UNSOLICITED (means Un-Asked for...) PM's....and NO PIC TRADING!!! PERIOD!
I have been here before & I know it needs constant repetition, so......
No Men!
I am a retired librarian, here to meet new people, share chat & music/ literature/ knowledge. I Do like meeting people though I Am a bit shy at first. I think I have a good sense of humor. I am very sarcastic & very Unafraid to use it when needed. I do Not accept Friend Requests....I have no desire to know where you are every second you are online nor do i enjoy being tracked. I have seen, and Done, alot in my life, including travelling with the Grateful Dead for about 10 years... Thank you, to those who read this, & to those who didn't... Too bad, it Was your warning!!
Also, I am a wood Dragon in the lunar zodiac (which I adhere to more) but don't let the wood part lull you into thinking me weak...I am still a Dragon.

martha_3rdTimeCharm: "Sometimes you can Get Shone The Light in the Strangest of Places, if you Look at it Right!"-Hunter/Garcia, the Grateful Dead
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