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well this is my first blog so here goes...

Life is a gift they say. i believe that . thiers all kinds of gifts in this life..thiers the kind ones, the ones wrapped in barb wire and the ones ur not sure are bombs or not. Thiers mircle ones and the ones that can change you for the good and the bad. life is all about gifts and weither we want to open the box and risk whats inside. it doesnt have to be your b day to open a gift.

latly i have been thinking alot about my gifts.

we take for granted the positive and dwell on the negative. I have the best friend in the world who is a gift inside a gift. that is one that will never get dull break or accidently be thrown away. what are your gifts. if you dont know then you ahould look at your life and find your gifts!! if u dont mabye you should change that.. the best advice i can give you is charish everything and and dont dwell on the bad..think of how your are getting through the bad!!! if anyone ever needs to talk u go my undeivided attention !!

ps i know i have horrble spelling but i dont need grammer to be a good friend