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A simple b~*@z is someone you met through somebody else. <BR>A real b#zx^ is someone you knew from back in the day and we still kickin' it now! <BR>. . . . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b&@zy will take you where you need to go. <BR>A real by*$& throws you her keys and say it needs gas in it! <BR>. . . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b^~y$ will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it. <BR>A real bxy^x will say beat her fw*y~$ ass, straight up.. <BR>. . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b#~%@ will let another bw#%w know she can back the f&#w up or get knocked right the fy$w out. <BR>A real bw@w# will just knock her the fwzw out.. <BR>. . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b&@%& tells you, she's had enough to drink. <BR>A real b~*@^ tells you we need another shot, cuz we 'bout to get fyzw~^ up!. .. . <BR>. . . . . . . <BR><BR>A simple b#w*w goes to the club with you and sits down. <BR>A real b@^xw goes to the club with you and say lets show these simple bx%@$w$ how we do it.. <BR>. . . . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b&*$# hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. <BR>A real b@w#w pops up at your house, talkin bout I know you aint in the bed, on a club night! <BR>. . . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b#y*# seeks to talk with you about your problems. <BR>A real bzx^& seeks to take care of all your problems, rather it be a gun,a knife,whatever will take a fucka out.. <BR>. . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b*$~z wonders who your new man is. <BR>A real b~$*$ know that muthafucka's first name, last name , he's birthday, where he live, who he related to, what kinda car he drive, where he work, how many babies mama's he has, and how many b%^wyz$ trying to holla at him right <BR>now! <BR>. . . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple by~*& thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. <BR>A real bzwy^ lets you know that was f&z$&* up but we still girls.. <BR>. . . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b*@xz expects you to always be there for them. <BR>A real by^#& knows you will always be there for them, they don't have to expect shit.. <BR>. . . . . . . . <BR>A simple b%*%* reads this e-mail relize that she is a simple b~y$@ and then deletes it. <BR>A real bwy#% pass this to her real b@$%z%@ without thinking about it..

come and intertaining

<P>Hey , i'm C, just seeing what out here.. i find my friday eveing kinda boring..<BR> don't know bout u.. PCE out</P>
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