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I’m Sammie, I'm 21 I studying the Certificate 2 in Fine Arts at West Wollongong Tafe, I write Gothic Horror Poems with one of my friends, Pole Dancing with another friend and currently looking 4 work.
I love hanning out with mates, art, drama, photography textiles, horce riding etc.

I am a lesbian (though not out to my family as of yet)
Love Cop movies such as NCIS and Criminal Minds.
Faviout songs at the moment are - Nightmare and Welcome to the family By Avenged Sevenfold, Skinny Love By Bella Ferraro and Fallen angles By Black Vail Brides

I would love to be a full time artist or photographer as im very creative and love working with my hands

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loveissuch: "Stop being someone everyone elce wants you to be
and start being yourself." - I have recently decided to be myself and I want people to see and like the real me.
My name is Samantha Grech or Sammie for short, I just turned 21, am doing 2 tafe cources and constantly looking for ANY TYPE OF PAID WORK.
I like art, photography, cooking, poetry, horces, action movies and music.
People who inspire me are: pink, M Jackson, ellen, steave irwin and jessie j
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