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Anybody could've told you right from the start
It's bound to fall apart
So rather than hold on to a broken dream
We'll just hold on to love <3

And I could find a way to make it
Don't hold on too tight
I'll make it without you tonight (:
-Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys

Now I'm sitting here goin' half crazy
Cause I know (he) still thinks about me too
And it ain't no way in hell
That I can be just friends with you

And I wish we never did it
And I wish we never loved it
And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you and now it ain't no way we can be friends
-Cant Be Friends Trey Songz

Why cant I find somebody else
When I know
Know that you're doing wrong
Its so hard
Hard to let go

I done went through just about two bags of tissues baby
And you're looking at me like you ain't the issue baby
And though I tried to leave
I cant stop missing you baby
And I keep coming
I keep coming back

I keep going in circles, circles
Round and round
And while you're doing me so wrong
I just keep holding you down
I feel so stupid, foolish
Loving you all this way
But what I can I say
But I wanna go
I wanna go
But I keep coming back
-Holding You Down Jazmine Sullivan
willow iron
willow iron: nice feelings of a broken heart friend.
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