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I am the only jewel of my family, raised and nurtured with full of love and affection, and treated me like a princess. For years they protected me as if I am the only living child in the world, which is nice and touching. Since birth I am sweet with everyone around me, specially my Mom and Dad. I have a circle of real and true friends who I can get along with anytime of the day, at any day of the year. I love staring at any bodies of water, and explore the world. I'm a pet lover, specially with my guardian dog, Michael. I am used to meet new people and be friends with them specially those who are kind and sweet. I also wonder if ever someone who I will meet in an unexpected way will be my friend, and soon will be my husband. Just like what happened in the movie "What If". Maybe I can meet that friend who will be my husband here. <3 And as the years pass by, I always keep this quote I heard one time.. "To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything". That is why I'm still waiting for that Prince Charming and be loved by him.

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