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is every one asks his self what is he
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for everyone who loves real madrid and die for it
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(This club has been deleted)
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for anyone who loves the real sport not football pft
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All about video games, any platform. Xbox, PS2, PC, and any other platform out there.
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If you are missing someone. weather they are far away, close by, no longer with us or you dont know where they are. this is the club for you!
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hey i opened an account today here so if u wanna meet me add me to msn or go to my space at i just moved from argentina and im looking for new friend ;)...
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يمكنك التحدث بصراحة مطلقة والبوح باحاسيسك دون خجل لعلك تجد ماتسعى اليه من اشباعات دون الضرر بالاخرين
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