ONline ReLaTiOnShipsss Wooord

Some people have critized me for being into a one Mr._DarK_ because of my anti online relationship views. My views still stand. Me and DarK are not bf-gf and nore will we be... yet . I insist that i wouldnt even consider it until meeting him in person. Meeting people online in my opinion is a TOTALLY acceptable way to meet people as long as your smart about it and not jaded. In the end we are still people talking to people, even though some people pretend they are people they are not in the end its nothing different from the real world. Even when faking who you are its the same as say meeting a girl at a bar who has dyed hair, lots of makeup, and is totally all dolled up. Or meeting a guy at a bar who is sitting there saying he owns a big time company and has millions of dollars when really he lives in his moms basement and is jobless. So its really all the same when you think about it its just a different form of emotional transportation. But all in all i still think calling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend and being emotionally and even sexually attatched to sthat person is still a little.... off.... i dont think i could be that loyal to someone i couldnt touch and kiss and spend time with. cough. that is all

p.s. I ADORE _Dark_ beyond a reasonable doubt. Say what you want about me about us about him, i'll trust him over any of you. Do your worst