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TIME: watching the tears run down ur face slowly as if everything has stopped seeing the meaning of pain through ur deep blue eyes saying you cant handle any more stops me in my tracks when i notice the truth when i know i'm done its already over and i'm left standing alone till the end of time..............


Ethereal: as a feather fell down next to me i saw beauty within... i noticed the feather came from the perfect place from up above... with a tear going down my face... i wonder to whom this special feather came from... i looked above me and i began to tear up soo much i could barley see now... it's my grandma saying " I love you, and to keep my feather close because now you can see I've always been watching over you"... i cry even more then wipe my tears, she had vanished into thin air... at least I have the feather that is my grandma (the guardian angel)... Which made this day perfect... just right for me to tell... fin.