I'm finally dating an amazing guy ~
Ok so ...First off you need to know .... I am different & a bit crazy. But proud of my different crazy self... I used to want to fit in ... I used to wish I didn't stand out in a crowd or group. I used to hate I thought and felt and saw the world so different than the others. I used to be the girl everyone I mean everyone wrote in my high school yearbook "you are so sweet". And somewhere inside deep inside I locked that foolish girl away and say hey you can't play with the world .... They simply don't understand your and seek only to break you.

I have a goal to encourage and reach others who feel they too are different and don't fit and dont care to because I believe God marked out their destiny by making them "different".
I want to not focus on the bad ...I want to focus on what I've learned and grown from. I know if I feed negative fears ... And anger and pain I cant grow in positive hope and faith. What you feed grows ... It alters your future for bad or good.


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