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It's our life and we'll do what we want with it
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Because you just absolutely positively just can't help yourself
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Whoever says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit just isn't clever enough to be sarcastic
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Anyone for a pint???
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I need enough members to help catch this little tw*t and teach him a lesson :cupid: :broken:
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Any one who wants to talk about the Premier league. Players, teams, matches, transfers, stadiums, chants, transfer rumours. Whatever you want.
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A club for the greatest team EVER
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Carlsberg doesn't make countries. But if they did they would probably make England
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For those of us that have those painfull reminders.....
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:@ :@ :@ :@ :@
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The top 10 lists of.......anything you want
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A club for the best drink ever
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For those of us who want or have ever wanted someone, would do anything to be with that person, would die for that person........but they don't want to know.
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If your crazy then your in.
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Wheres the best pubs and clubs to spend the weekend,funny stories about nights out, what do you like to drink and anythink else you want to talk about really.
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It's more than just a game. It's a matter of life or death
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It's just common sense
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For people who love celebrating birthdays or other occasions by dressing up as some character or other then going and getting completely smashed with your mates.
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Well is there anyone better???
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For anyone who loves rock music!!
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this is a club for anyone that like's movies
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for anyone who loves the real sport not football pft
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wanna talk about all typse of horror movies then come on in. all welcome?
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Hello all!  This is a club where you can come chill and discuss and trade suggestions on books.  Every Genre of book is welcome for discussion in here.  I'm a major book worm myself and i love books....
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This Club Is For Everyone Who Knows To Love. :$ "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." ;)
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for people who like body art
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(This club has been deleted)
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General website discussion, problems and suggestions. If you are having any problem with the site create a topic here and we will try and resolve it for you. If you find issues with the site...
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For people that enjoy all aspects of body piercing. Come and show us what you got hehe.
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they are so blah
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football chat
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I want all my special friends here the one's i share my great and sad days everyday i want you to know i love you all: :hug: JOYN IN :) ;)
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supernatural is a t.v show where two brothers hunt and kill deamons and eny think supernatural.
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This is 4 all the people who text message alot Do You Text Message Alot ?? If So How Many ppl?? And If you want Text Me???
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Finally a club about the stupid things us, normal or less normal pepople, hear on Wireclub.
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theres polite ppl , Rude ppl and theres US! f*ck ya'lll...I luvvv you lol
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here is a place for all of us Ohians can come and chat and whatever
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Resident Evil rocks our socks off!
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For any one who love's writers such as Graham Masterton, Steven King, Shaun Hutson, James Patterson, James Herbet..........Or those who like spine tingling thrillers, horror and gore......
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Mmmm...! Yummi Yummi....! :P
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this is a club for nutters like me who love stewie, so join if ur mad enough. and if u want 2 rule the world b4 ur nap haha join us.
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for all of you who luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvs the colour pink but aint sissys
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Grrrrr, sick pricks.
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SpaNiSh iS da BeSt ;)
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i dooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
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If you like piercings join the club...if you dont have them, you can still join, but if you DO that them..even sweeter xD Everyone welcome :)
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It's great stuff
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club full of PINK-NESS!
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learn to use your mind to manipulate objects and elements.also talk about anything out of the ordinary
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America the great!
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For those who agree with me when I say dat life sux n it's unfair.
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Hell yeah, we`re awesome. They should name streets after us.
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May he rest in peace RIP
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Who loves Angelina Jolie as much as I do?? :D
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I stole this idea from another site, but I thought each Wednesday we could vote on a theme and then on Friday all club members use a pic from that category :D Then at least for one day a week we...
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I heard everyone love u
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(This club has been deleted)
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I miss her. :(
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This club is suited for people who love ROCK Music.. Feel free to send your thoughts. Everyone is entitled to tell their own opinion. You are welcome to join this group! :D
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us people off the forums rock!! we r crazy funny and top of the most insane ppl! wooooooooooooooo welcome 2 the forum crew ;)
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Im not the only one admiring Steve Irwin.
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The most amazing movie ever!! Seriously if you watch this movie...i cant explain it you just have to watch kick my own ass if i was in this movie XD and it so makes me think of my baby Nick...
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For those 'special' people...u know who u r! Grab ur helmet and chin strap, wipe that dribble from ur chin and join this club. Don't go denying ur not a 'tard cos i know u all wanna ride the...
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a place to fight ppl who are pi#@ing you off...lmao
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Report in the forum about a perv!
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Know any intersting facts? Then why not share them? Perhaps you will learn something too.
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Whats the best and/or worse chat up line(s) you've ever heard/used???? Come on, be honest now :P
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became apart of Lincoln, Lincolnshire England today and see the history and the best of lincoln like the Castle and the Cathedral.
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random times call for random measures
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Hello there, y'all! I created this CLUB exclusively for the music-aficionados, and most of all -- my FRIENDS here in Wire. Care to JOIN? Thanks for everything guys !! :D :D :P (H)
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newcastle rox everything bowt it .dont it! :P what u like best about it? for me its the night life xdanny
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My Grandfather taught me to play poker when I was little. It was his contention that all the important things in life can be learned around a poker table. Shuffle up and deal!
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I am Jagermeisters #1 fan... Ill drink it with Red Bull, Ill drink it straight, alone at home, with friends, at the bar, in my car, out of a bag, warm... ... ...
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This club is dedicated to Only Fools And Horses show and all the fans!
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I don't hold back as many of you will see in chat, if you have a big nose ima let you know, if ur dog looks retarded ima tell you, if your a cute boy ima tell you over and over - and - I don't care...
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A club just for fun and tickling ;)
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Davey Moyes for manager of the year
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where have all the sticklebricks gone anyone know and why have they gone
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for people who love to prank call!!
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hey all,<br />ive finnaly created a club for our fans!! all new and concerts will be posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />members: Alex: lead guitar 1, Andrew: lead guitar 2, dolton: bass, colton: singer/rythem,...
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You just spent $60.00 on jeans you don't need. You just bought a book you know you'll never read. You just went out to dinner, even though your fridge and cupboards are packed with food. You...
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