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The signs as little Yachi things

Taurus:that time when she forgot hinata and kageyama's names and her entire miserable future flashed before her eyes
Gemini:that time she was in her train of thoughts, almost got hit by a ball, then resumed her thoughts like nothing happened
Cancer:that time she tried to help Yamaguchi with his anxiety and ended up getting panicky herself
Leo:being perpetually adorable lOOK AT H ER
Virgo:her gorgeous note taking skillz
Libra:getting surrounded by tall shady dudes (aka Asahi) and crying in fear
Scorpio:launching herself into a volleyball cart bc she was too nervous
Sagittarius:being a lil gay for Saeko
Capricornassionately make them badass posters for the volleyball team
Aquarius:telling Hinata 40cm is about the same height as hello kitty
Pisces:thinking that assassins will come after her because she stood next to kiyoko for like two minutes


" Many golfers aren’t familiar with what wedge bounce is, or even how to use it properly.

"Bounce can be your friend when it comes to chipping and pitching. Think of it like a backup plan if things go wrong. It can allow you to strike the ball properly even if your technique isn’t perfect."

"If you speak with most club fitting experts they would say that most golfers stand to gain with wedges that have more bounce, but each player is different so it’s important to understand if bounce can help out your game."

"What is bounce?"

"Bounce is the angle between the ground and the sole of the club when the club is held at a proper address."

"Take a look at this picture to get a visual representation of what different kinds of bounces look like."

"The whole point of bounce is to prevent the leading edge of your club from digging into the ground. This is where the concept of having it be your backup plan comes into play."

"One of the biggest mistakes golfers make is that they hit the ball heavy with their wedges. Playing a club with enough bounce, and using it properly can prevent this from happening."



The POLITICO Battleground States polling average is a calculation of the most recent public polling in 11 swing states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Updated daily, the average will provide estimates of the candidates’ standing by from overall and state-level perspectives.

The averages for each state include the five most-recent reliable public polls, as determined by POLITICO. This excludes polls conducted entirely over landline phones (which don’t survey the nearly half of Americans who only own a cell phone), but includes surveys conducted by partisan pollsters. For each survey, if the poll includes ballot tests both including and excluding third-party candidates, the data used is whichever matchup is asked first in the available script.

The overall Battleground States average includes the five most recent polls from each state, weighted according to that state’s representation in the Electoral College. A poll from Florida (29 electoral votes) would be weighted 7.25 times more than a poll from New Hampshire (4 electoral votes), for example.

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