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Thank you for taking the time to look. My name is Dan. Divorced and widowed. Single now. Was living in the Chicago area, but have recently moved back to Louisiana to start my retirement. My sister Marie (formersoccermom3) suggested I chat here after I was lost following the end of AOL. I know my sister chats here as well as at least two of my nieces (backntimejill and connieandphils) as well as my grand niece Amy (Aminolongerachild). The topic of conversation is often about the behavior of the girls and how Marie and her husband Ken handle misbehavior. Yes, they are quite strict...and old-fashioned....and traditional...and trips over the parental knee are not that uncommon for a spanking, particularly for Jill despite her now being 37 years of age. It works. I've seen it first hand.

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