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The American Reich

Almost 100 years ago a sad little corporal rose to be one of the world’s most reviled people.
How could this happen? There were many factors at play but a few stand out which when you look at recent events you can see many parallels.

Target a scapegoat(s):
At that time, he mainly chose to target one culture. Blaming all the country’s problems on that culture he found support from those that felt left behind or ignored. The disenfranchised.
Today we see a myriad of scapegoats, from our neighbors to the south, other religions, other races, to stolen elections.
The second in command of that corporal once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
It doesn’t take an IQ of 170 to see how current (and now former) elected officials are using this to their advantage.

Distrust of government:
The corporal used the terrible economy to instill distrust of the government saying it was so bad due to the concessions made after WW I.
Today it was the “swamp”. That the system is so corrupt it needed to be started from scratch.
I found this hilarious coming from one of the biggest swamp rats on the planet.

Weaken Press Influence:
As the corporal gained power, he was able to control the press. Making sure only articles approved by the state would be printed.
What has been the catch phrase of those that dislike what is printed about them today, “fake news”.
So far there has been only a small portion of the press that has tried to ride the coattails of this wave of hate.

Control the Judicial Branch:
In the past he was able to control one of the more powerful justices. This gave the head of the later to become SS free rein for his “police” to do as they pleased. Things went downhill from there.
Now a similar theory was attempted. By appointing many like-minded justices in the hope they would come through for them when needed.
The good news at least for now, these justices have held to the rule of law over nepotism. How long will that last or how long before justices are appointed that will bow to the will of the appointors?

Recent events, NPAC:
For those wondering the N stands for Nazi (a.k.a. CPAC). This event has been nothing but a brown nosing, lie spewing, hate mongering parade of the minion’s paying homage to one guy. That’s just in the first day.
Here is probably the worse thing about this, they are not even hiding their true nature. The stage is even the Odal rune. This symbol was used by some of the Nazi SS divisions!
Of course, the organizer claims he knows nothing about this. Let’s exam that claim from both sides trying to be as impartial as possible.
Let’s assume this intricate pattern was merely a coincidence. As of this writing no apologizes have been made and no sign that the stage will be dismantled or changed prior to this event continuing. What does this tell you about the state of mind of this group? It tells me that at a minimum they don’t care.
The other theory is that they knew what it meant all along. I lean toward this being the case. This symbol is not a square rotated in an odd position. It is an intricate pattern which building this by chance is so unlikely I bet you could win the lotto first before drawing this shape. I suggest you look this symbol up and decide for yourself the odds of that being true, again it’s the Odal rune. They have now showed their true colors to the American people, they want an American Reich.