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Dont ask...its a song, the start of one

the fear draws near, my body farrowing another human corpse ready for disemboweling!! untouch!! heavens wont rest till his hearts' ripped from his chest baring down all flesh for intimacy.
SCREAM!! bleed into the shattered glass of a heart you left for me to live on! shadow....the vicious circle will it ever end? can you hear my cries?!
boiling to the brink of death, souless minds combine!! forget what i taught you, your fate. YOUR DEMISE!
twisted entrails flowing, the blood all over the floor, within my heart you're going welcome to the gore. tired and withered you fall on the ground, muster the courage to flourish and listen to the sound, CRY!!

sing this hard..and fast in will make sense

learning japanese

gomenasai=im sorry in japanese...
wakarimashta ka?=do u understand?
ohayo=hello, in general
daijobou=no problem
Watashiwa=i am
aishiteru=i love you
hai kudasai=yes please
onee-san=big brother
Wakatta=i understand
aishiteru nimo
yabun kodomo=nightchild
kutabare=f**k you
bendan=idiot in mandarin

ye zi=night child in mandarin

caodan ni=f**k you in mandarin

wo ai ni=i love you in mandarin

haizi de yewan=child of the night in mandarin

song names

Touch of kindness
slip of the tounge
shadowed over
the rich the poor and the savage
jealousy for cupid
swallow the fury
black hearted fury
steep but shallow
glory for freaks
terror by nature
false impersonations
desperate crys
child imprisonment
bibical crucifixtion
one step overboard
churchyard gravel
deathbed countdown
methane is poison
mind in doubt
in my domain
acid erosion
the dead dont bleed
anatomy of a dying heart

Typical to love and to hate

I am typical.....
just a child, just a figment of your imagination, just a corpse of sodden human flesh, torn asunder and left drying in the last destiny of fate.
depressed and dying to be left alone to face my fears and to hang myself in sorrows of unholy matrimony, and to tear away from the killing game by all of heaven and hell.
I was created by disturbing wisdom of angels fallen and crying demons unforgiven.
Mystified by the way that the satanic believers bring life to the dead and death to the living,
and how christians believe that the almighty lord can create life and beam down to the stoops of hell to pluck up our sinners, and shake the religeons of memorable prized deaths of hellbent infants twisted corpses of shallow graves come one come all, satans slaves.
foetus's hang from bloodied walls of corpse ridden chambers and slippery organs, blood ridden faces and caved in heads, hang down from the ceiling of cold blooded tombs, and frightful vengance....

this is to myself, if u are offened by any of this...forgive my demonic mind...