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To know that we have come along way . Just to know that i have some incredible friend,s some who have shined in my life some presented me the love i require as there you all have come from many different place,s only to show me the thing,s that . Just mean,s alot to me as there you all go out your way to allow me to smile and to have some kind blessing in which are blessed to know how much i care for you all as there together we can rock the night away with these tune,s that are in our sight,s knowing how right you all have become as there is so much hope to have and to believe that i found . Just right amount of this suttle thing,s hat mean so much for the thing,s that they give as there i still taste your kindness as there it give,s that sweet taste that allow,s me to be the person that i am as there i am so glad to know that there i have found something that is placed a round these thought,s that i think of as there you all surround me with you thought,s and feeling,s knowing that you allow me to grow with a smile that show much you become a -part of my life where there you understand that having some kind of friendship mean,s a-lot to me . Just to be able to recognize it true protentual to know that being so free it give,s a great feeling to be a part of it,s happiness and that i will . Just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those i come to know and love and to those who i come to cherish thank you

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